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  1. rvman

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    I have a Great Outdoors propane smoker like the one below and todays smoke consist of a 8 lb butt and while I was in the store they had a special on some boneless pork ribs so I bought two large pack of them as well. Buy one get one free
    My questions is, I don’t know which rack I should put the butt on or the ribs. Do I want the ribs above the butt or below? Thank You for your help. Newbie just learning

  2. blackhawk19

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    don't have one of those smokers but I would probably put the rib on the
    upper or the one that has the easiest access as they will require more
    attention, spraying, basting etc.
  3. flash

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    Well, I've always been told hot air rises and that hotter temps would be at the top of the smoker. Of course my temp guage dis-prove this. [​IMG]
    Probably really doesn't matter and since you have sliding grates, you can easily move them around.
    The ribs (country style) will not take anywhere near as long as the butt. (I am doing an 8.5# tomorrow). I usually put boneless ribs on the grill, not the smoker. I was told by several smokemasters to have only bone-in ribs on the smoker. [​IMG] The fat will drop from the butt, so if you do put the ribs below it, it would add a wonderful flavoring to the ribs. [​IMG]
  4. bigal

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    Country style ribs are just sliced butt. I don't think it will matter where you put the meat. Closer to the flame will be the hottest spot.

    Don't sweat the small stuff. You'll do just fine either way.

    Good luck. [​IMG]

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