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Sep 28, 2011
Aztec NM
I ordered a MES 30" and a AMNTS. To make a long story short my MES was delayed do to weather. Here's my problem I bought 8lbs of top round, cut it and marinated it Wed. at 3:00 pm, my smoker should have been here on Fri. but now its going to be Mon. Well after that long winded explanation my question is how long can you keep the meat in the marinate?
You may want to check out the food safety forum. Never serve food that you are not

110% sure its safe to eat. You have a nice new cooker. Why not have fresh food ? J.        
Not sure if it depends on the marinade, getting sour etc...but what i did was take a hunk of meat out to thaw....5 days later i cut it up for jerky and used Hi mountain seasoning and didnt get to smoke it for another 5 days. It didnt smell sour or bad, and all the hunters here say " dont worry, its in cure, its fine" So i made it and it was good.

Maybe go by smell and color....some age steak in the fridge for a month till its green..

Ok.Thanks guys..I did check out some food safety and it said five days on I wouldn't think one more day would if like beuler said it looks and smells OK.I just hate to waste 30 dollars worth of meat. But I would hate to sick or die too...what to do...LOL
Another thing to do is cook it to 160* internal temp to kill any bad will be fine. Just take a shot of Jim Beam afterwards 
Just a thought, but do you have a grill ?    If so, use it with the AMNTS and start smoking. Once your MES finally arrives, choose something else for it's maiden run  :)
Thank you!!! I wish I would have thought of that. I do have a gas grill, But no worries now it showed up, Im starting first thing in the morning is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.