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    Hi all,
    New to forum, and this is my first post. I currently use a masterbuilt electric smoker, but have gotten frustrated enough with its size to build a small smoke house. My build will be wooden, approximately 3'6"wide x 2'6"deep x 6'tall. The plan is to use 2x4 framing, on its side so that I can use 1.5" rigid insulation in the walls and door with some type of hardwood sheathing inside and out(yes im still in the planning phase). Im also planning on a ceiling that is capable of being raised and lowered under the roof of the smokehouse so that I dont have to heat the entire space for smaller batches. Im thinking that heat will be supplied by electricity, and that is where my question there some type of calculator that i can use to figure out how many, or size, elements i might need to heat the full space?
    I dont know jack about electricity as far as watts ohms amps and all the other stuff. I do know that I want to run kn 110v, but thats about the extent of my electic wisdom.....any input would be appreciated. The smoker will be used for all varieties of meat and poultry, and someday would like to try cheese.....if that matters. I currently do briskets, ribs butts, and the occasional bird....
    Thanks in advance...
  2. Landcruzr, sounds like it's going to be a real nice smoke house.  There are a lot of websites that can help you determine what size element would work the best, however it is dependent on insulation, outside air temps, vents, etc.  A lot of variables for sure.  I think you may be stressing for no reason.  In my opinion, I would build the house you described and then buy an electric element similar to other size houses on this site or finished smoke houses for sale.  Your smoke house is a typical size so you won't have a problem finding one when the house is near complete. 

    Regarding the roof being able to move up and down according to how much space you need; it's a good idea but I'm not sure how practical it would be.  My guess is 2 years from now - you will keep it at same height regardless of how much space you need.  It's going to be a lot easier for you to get familiar with how to keep constant temperatures, steady smoke, etc. if you keep it at one level.  Again, my opinion.  It is a neat idea.

    Didn't help much but hopefully you'll feel better about moving forward without worrying about the size of the element.

    Good luck - keep us updated.
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    Thanks stress is my de-stressor
    Last night i applied a simple rub to a brisket, and stuck it in the smoker this morning....and it just drives me to build something bigger!
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