Picnic Butt part deux

Discussion in 'Pork' started by falmund, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Ok, so this weekend I am trying the pork butt again. Got it started early so I have time to do it right. Trimmed it, rubbed it down with my Not-Quite-As-Magic Dust and tossed it in with some hickory. Going to spray it down every couple of hours with apple juice/bourbon. Somebody suggested smoking Mac n Cheese, so I'm going to give that a whirl too. My oldest is 5 and a dedicated Mac n Cheese addict. He is rapidly developing into a smoke-fiend, too, so he's pretty excited. I'll keep you up to date.
  2. Man alive, having trouble with temps today...it's about 50 degrees and fairly windy. However, thats what I have been working with all spring. I think it might be the charcoal. I ran out of cowboy, so I swung by hy-vee last night and bought a bag of Kingsford Charwood. Looks just like cowboy lump, but it's burning much faster and leaving a lot more ash. I have been having problems even getting over 200, much less my target of 250. I've been spending the last hour trying to convince my wife to drive 30 miles to get some cowboy for me...so far no success. I would do it myself, but I think if I left the smoker unattended for 90 minutes, it would choke out completely.
  3. Ended up going to the farm and home store and finding Picnic brand Lump...looks like good stuff. We'll see how it works.
  4. bmudd14474

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    Im sure the wind isnt helping. I hope that the new charcoal helps you out.
  5. irishteabear

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    How is the new charcoal working out for you?
  6. Considerably better, thank you. Before I was struglling to get to 200. Within 2 minutes of putting in a load of the new coal, I was closing vents cause I was approaching 300. That load of coals lasted me 2+ hours at 260. I really need to replace my coal pan with a basket. The next load petered out at 235 and didn't last very long. Too much ash in the pan. Getting there though. Internal is over 150, so I'm going to be foiling it soon anyway. At that point I don't mind finishing in the oven.
  7. definitely better the second time around! Still have several mods to make to keep heat up (had to finish in a 350 oven). Also, needed more rub, and I think I'm going to start injecting on every shoulder. Just makes it better. Guests appreciated it and absolutely loved the ABT's. Smoke Mac n cheese didn't really pan out, but it was a last minute thing and I only had it in the smoker for about 15 minutes. Think I need to give it at least an hour. Too tired tonight, will post pics tomorrow.
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    Good luck on the butt.

    I've been using the Charwood (out of convienence) the last couple of smokes. It does burn fast, but I also thought it burned hot.

    Keep us updated.
  9. As promised....
  10. the dude abides

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    Beauty falmund!

    Congratulations of a successful smoke!
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    The smoke ring on the meat is beautiful! Nice looking smoke, thanks for sharing the qvue!
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    thanks for maken me hungry good job[​IMG]

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