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Dec 28, 2013
New Jersey
Hi Everyone,  this is my first post.   Ive been reading the posts the past year and learning. Ive been smoking every other weekend and really want to get more involved in it.   I have a cheap electric smoker now, and I have had enough of it. I want to step it up.  I am real interested in the pellet smokers, they seem to be the best of everything overall.  I really like the yoder, but also interested in the Mak or the Louisiana.  any opinions on these or other suggestions. I read a bunch of the posts on this but im  looking for some more recent information, especially on the yoders.

thanks for any help out there
Take a good look at the RecTec. 6 year warranty, heavy duty steel or stainless is built like a tank. 40 lb hopper for long cooks and real solid temp control. The others you mentioned are great cookers also.
Thanks for the reply.i had alot of post requesting that i update my location.   I am a little embarrassed to admit it but i am from new jersey.  i lived out in Wyoming for a while, and spend alot of time upstate new york hunting and fishing where we have a cabin.  i am getting close to retiring and we will be relocating to the Nashville, Tn.  area where my son lives.  so.... i am not the typical guy from jersey, which is why i cant wait to leave.

I have looked at the RecTec.  do you think that is a better smoker than the yoder?  What are the pros and cons of the rectec?  Thanks again for your input

Nothing wrong with a yoder. Great machine. I just think you get more for your money with the rectec. I can only tell you that if I was gonna get another pellet muncher it would be a RecTec. Love the warranty, hopper size, stainless in all the right places, and a rock solid temp control. I believe that the second rack is standard also.
I have an RT and the thing it has going for it is the good controller at the price point. I like mine to a point but I have some issues with mine and they could be my fault but not sure yet. The people at RT are great and will work with you should there be an issue arise. I have made some great tasting things on mine, only had it since Labor Day, also have a cookshack smokette electric that I use, but have been playing with the RT more and more, it has a nicer capacity.

It come packaged very well and has you have the ability to get payment plans should you not want to lay out all the coin at one time. Mine was $1300.00 delivered with the bronze package of pellets.

I was looking at Louisiana Grills also, same price until you look at the controller then the RT is cheaper. 

With all that said, there are people that are American Made only, the RT is not, it is made in China, but these days just about everything we use has either been made there or a part made there.

Not sure what price point you are looking, but check out the Pellet grill from Cookshack/Fast Eddy's I think they have 2 models.
I've got a Louisiana and a Yoder. The Louisiana heats up quicker and uses less pellets. I really like it and it's the wife's favorite. I thought the Yoder would be a nice upgrade and it does seem to visually produce more smoke. I can't taste a difference though. It's not even close build quality wise. The Louisiana is tin can compared to the yoder. I have to clean the ash out of the fire pot almost every time on yoder or it won't fire up. I find that to be huge pain. I should note the Louisiana has the upgraded digi controller which is a must. I like the Louisiana the best.

I should note I started with a stick burner and went to a pellet grill for convenience. I love the food that comes off the pellet grill but I don't feel like they put much smoke flavor in it. I really miss the stick burner and plan on getting another one.

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I got my REC TEC about a year ago and have absolutely fallen in love with this smoker...You wont be disappointed, and welcome soon to Nashville, I right outside of Nashville and besides REC TEC's love it here to...we can split pellet pallets....
Wife and I have had a Yoder YS640 for 2 years now, we have no experience with other pellet grills though. Factors that made our decision on the Yoder in comparison to other brands were price in comparison to competition considering warranty, customer service, square inches of cooking room, 10 gauge steel cook chamber, accessories and options available, free software upgrades, will maintain consistent temps as low as 150ºF and as high as 600º plus and not to mention its reputation. If we had to make the decision again I believe we would go Yoder again.

I do believe Yoder also has the best set up for its ability to sear at high temps, the only brand I question on this ability is the MAK. The Yoder YS460 is true steak grilling machine!
Thank you everyone for your responses.  I am taking a hard look at the yoder, Louisiana and rec tec.  The yoder is priced at 1300.00 the LA at 1200.00 and the rectec at 1000.00.  I can live with the price on any of these models, i am more concerned with getting the better made, most reliable product.  I also notice alot of people saying they dont get alot of smoke flavor out of the pellet grills.  My main purpose of this smoker is to smoke beef and pork, not grill.  Should i be looking at different types of smokers?
You can always get an auxiliary smoke generator to supplement the smoke. But you may like the amount of smoke in whatever pellet cooker you get. For about 45 bucks you can get an AMAZN pellet tube smoke generator or for a hundred you can rig up a Smoke Daddy. Best of luck in your choosing. All the models you mention are good units. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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