Pellet Grill Flame Out…Fix

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Jan 18, 2020
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So there are always a lot of questions from new smokers who just purchased the latest, greatest pellet grill, with some out of this world controller with multiple meat probes, Wifi, The thing is a programmable oven, that I can keep an eye on via my smart phone while the wife shops shoes in the shopping center. Great right? Well kinda. What we have are new grill owners believing they have bought a set and forget style cooker, an oven. This is true to a point.
while the cooker will hold itself on a temp range and feed itself fuel, what most new pellet cookers don’t understand, and I don’t think the instructions detail, is that the cooker must “settle in” on the temp before you just walk away from it.

Here is the meat and potatoes. Most Pellet grills have a default on start up in the computer board that runs the cooker up to the 350* range on initial start up. This is important for the grill/smokers operation. The pit must get warm, this means all the steel, thin as it is, must get hot prior to settling down into your set temp. This is why the default is about 350*F. The manufacturer can’t know if you are lighting that grill at ambient 95* or 0*F, so a nice hot default is set.

Now, once fired up, you need to let that grill go hot and warm up. Then and only then can you change the temp and cool it down. For those new guys who insist on cooking at 225*, there is yet another step. Let the cooker go high and warm up, then adjust the temp to 275*. Let the pit cool down and settle in there. Once that happens, set the temp lower to 225* or whatever, again let it settle in and steady on that temp. This process takes about an hour or so to get the pit from start up of 350* down to 225* and settling in. If you will be patient and allow the pit to get to temp in stages, you will have no more flame outs.

This isn’t your wife’s kitchen oven, though over the long haul it basically acts like one, but it’s not just setting the temp and walking away. This is a machine with AI (artificial intelligence) type tech, in the sense that it can smartly hold temps wherever you set them, but you need to let that pit gradually set in on the lower temps. If you want high grilling temps for burgers, steak or even pizza, it’s not near as much trouble to run from 350*-500* after all its marketed as a “grill”. But low slow needs more planning, preparation and patience. They will all low and slow reliably, you just have to let them work in stages down to temp, not all at once. By default these machines are Grills, Not low slow smokers. They will do it, but you must allow time and patience to get them settled in there.

Hope this helps you pellet grillers out in understanding the machine.
Maybe I missed the point on the reason of flame outs (after reading my post).

When you start the grill and set the controller to a low temp like 225*, The grill does its default of heating to around 350*, then it starts the process of following your command of 225*F in this huge temp swing, the machine runs fine and shows eventually, something close to 225*, but what has happened actually is the machine stopped dropping pellets way back, cuz it was to hot. By the time it reads 225* the pellets in the pot are all ash. (The fan forges constantly) by the time new pellets drop( this could be a couple hours from initial start up) to maintain that 225*, the fire is essentially out and won’t light the new pellets. This is the Why, and How, things go wrong.
Mine does not work this way. Start up temperature is 150. Once the pellets are lit and generating smoke, I can set the temperature to whatever I want say from 150 to 300. If running really low temperatures then I run the risk of a flame out. If I want to crank it up to something like 400 immediately from a lower temperature, it will overshoot drastically and get an over temperature error, but if I incrementally raise it to a really high temperature, it does fine.

My real big issue with burnouts is at 150ish. It will run for a while at that temp, but it goes out on me every once in a while. I have yet to figure out why.
Mine does not work this way.
I have to say - mine doesn't either. Mine will start at any temp I set and pretty much warm up to that and hold it till I change the setting. I have read that some manufactures have specific startup processes like leaving to door open etc. Mines not like that either. I just pick up my phone, fire up the app, turn on the grill and set the temp. within about 10-15 minutes we are ready to cook.

Maybe this is just how your pellet grill has its start up process defined?
My PB sez open lid set on smoke until a flame is achieved, set desired temps and let it roll, I don't run mine up to a high temp then bring it back down, always set it for the temp I want after a flame is running, been working great for over 3 years now, how long you had yours and what kind is it? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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