Old World Bacon... My Way.... UPDATE 6/15/21

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About 90% cooked then covered with maple syrup... and finish the cook to crisp..
Great snack food...

You will need 2 scales... Preferably electronic....
0-20#'s +/_
0-100 grams for accuracy measuring cure, spices and herbs etc..

A starting point is..
1.5-1.8% Kosher salt
0.25% cure#1 (returns ~156 Ppm nitrite)
1% white sugar (for a very mild sweet flavor to combat any saltiness flavor AND hold moisture in the meat)
any UNSALTED spices and herbs for your specific flavor profile, generally 1-2%.;.

Other sugars are filthy and can cause unwanted molds and bacterial growth... (cane, molasses etc.)
Good info. I've only used brown sugar. Was thinking about using cane but will do a few with white sugar.
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