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May 21, 2018
Looking to upgrade my offset smoker from OKJ. Love offset smoking but hard for me personally to justify spending $1,000's. I have been giving Old Country's G2 a good hard look but even that is $2k plus shipping, but I like it. I've even considered doing some mods myself to get better air pull as my OKJ's struggles often even with extended stack but that requires me learning to weld a bit.

Anyways been looking at this custom offset smoker on FB. Now the maker of this smoker posts on FB as building custom smokers and I've been in touch with him about building me a custom smoker. However this particular listing is from someone who bought one of his smokers and looks like I could really get a solid deal on a quality smoker with 1/4' steel and 3/8" firebox. I'd love for it to have a collector but jury is still out on if that makes a huge difference or not, as long as the stack diameter is solid size.

I do have some concerns in the platform is big and bulky kind of awkward but livable. But the bigger concern is the size of the air intake door on side, is that really small or is it me? I've asked the seller if had any issues pulling air but of course the answer was no indicating he ran it rain and snow and pulled great. Also the connection from the FB to the main cooking chamber looks a bit small but might not be much an issue.

Just wanted to share with the BBQ community for any input or suggestions, if looked like a good deal. Also waiting for a few more pic's from the seller I am supposed to get Friday evening.


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I also see some things of concern as well as the things you've mentioned...

I would like to see a second cooking grate in the chamber.. With both grates being able to slide out...
The FB door... Hopefully it doesn't leak air so the intake vent would controll the fire .. Which I agree looks a little small... Not fond of the way you make adjustments on the intake vent... Usually just a closing of a hair or two equals 10 degrees or more... To adjust from one notch to the next will be a pretty good amount of closing/opening ... Would also like to see a fresh air intake (above the intake vent) .. This helps draw the hot air in the top of the FB into the CC ...
I agree about the FB/CC opening ... Does look a little small as you suggested...
With a few small changes it looks like it would be a decent smoker...
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Thanks for the input guys, I am torn not crazy about the design but it's 1/4" metal superior to my OKJ's but some of those flaws make me hesitant.

While possibly a good deal if I can get it even a bit cheaper it's still a good chunk of $ and want to make sure I am happy with it. Not knowing how it cooks is really tough call and a gamble at best.
The platform looks awkward and the fire box looks small. I like to load splits through the firebox door. How big is the cooking chamber?
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Watching a video on the Old Country G2 and noticed the throat on this new smoker. Pretty small and actually think the smoker I am looking at might have a slightly larger opening not by much. It might be enough to put that hesitation to rest.

The platform looks awkward and the fire box looks small. I like to load splits through the firebox door. How big is the cooking chamber?
I agree, my Fb has a charcoal basket and I cut the side of the basket out facing the the door of the FB out so I can load splits that way rather than loading from the top door. Feel like I don't lose any heat that way. Another thing on this pit is it looks like it will be a pain to remove ash. Looks like it will be all about scooping it out. On mine I just open the door pull lout the ash pan and dump, but if I built the fire right on the bottom without the ash pan I could still just open the FB door and just scrape out to a bucket. I think it looks like a solid smoker and for the price I might jump on it but there will be some learning on it for sure.
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