Offset grill/smoker upgrades and mods.

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    New member here.  

    I have an older New Braunfel offset grill/smoker.  Not sure of the model number.  I've never used it for smoking but would like to try.  Before I begin, I'd like to upgrade a few parts and do a few mods.  Keep in mind I do not weld, etc.  

    It's still in decent shape although I will sand a few spots here and there and throw some paint on it.  

    In no particular order, here are the things I'd like to do.

    Build a charcoal box.  Not sure what size is recommended or will fit.  Looking online, I see some that are 6" tall, 12" long, and 12" wide.  Seems that would be adequate??  

    Seal the lid, etc.  When I grill, a decent amount of smoke escapes.  I'll pay attention to exactly where the next time but I'm sure alot of it is around the lid.  What is recommended to seal it better?

    I'd really like to replace the grates.  It has the standard cheaper wire type grates.  I wouldn't mind having porcelain coated or whatever is recommended.  New Braunfel is no long manufacturing.  Is there a "custom" type place that will make them to fit?  There's two of them that are ~13.5" x 15.75" or so.  Seems someone would maybe have a universal one that might work????

    Baffle or whatever it's called to direct the heat/smoke from the firebox evenly throughout the main chamber.  I'm lost on this one.  If there's an easy way of making this myself, that would be great.  

    Thermometer(s) for the main chamber.  I presume it would be best to have one on each side of the main chamber.  I'm guessing you would just drill a hole out in the lid and use some type of high temp adhesive to secure it into the lid???  If so, is there a decent, inexpensive model to get?

    I'm sure I have more questions but I think this might get me on the right track.  

    So, any help with any of my questions is greatly appreciated.  
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    I can help with the basket.   I made one from two pieces of 2-ft x 12-in Cold-RolLED Weldable Steel Expanded Sheet I got from Lowes for about $10 a piece.  bent it about 6 inchs from both ends of the longways, do both pieces then turned them 90 degree to each other and put them together to form a 12x12 wide 6 inch high basket.  Used stainless steel small "L" brackets at each corner with stainless bolts.

    I didn't even try to make a deflector, just bought one from BBQSmokersmod for $89, seemed to be a fair price free shipping and that is a good thing, this thing is a serious piece of metal.

    I use a Maverick 733 remote temp, a little expensive, but worth every penny.  It has two probes that can either be set to one meat and the other grill temp, both grills, or both meat, very flexible and preset meat temps.  
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  3. I think River Country makes the best thermos. I run two of these in my TMLE:

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Navy - I'm visualizing your basket.  So, it has 2 layers on the bottom, I guess.  Does it let enough ash fall through?  

    Wow, those baffles are pricey but I guess it's worth it becasue I wouldn't be able to build one.  Do you know the overall length?  

    Do you have a New Braunfel?

    Thanks the the temp gauge link Remmy.  They look nice.  
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    Few more questions.  I've seen folks here put the RTV or stove "rope" on as a gasket for their lids.  But those that did this had lids that came down and had a "lip" for the adhesive/rope to attach to.  Mine unit doesn't have this lip.

    Here's a terrible pic but maybe someone knows what I am talking about.

    So, what can I do to get a btter seal?

    Also, while we're at it, my smoke stack is already below the grates.  Would I need to do anything to help direct smoke out of the stack?
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    Oh, forgot one thing.  

    On the side of the firebox, the door where you would open to clean out ash, etc.  How would you seal around the door?  


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