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  1. Hi All have been out of touch for awhile as cancer has reared its ugly head again and am looking ahead to Radiation but its coming Spring in the Northwoods and time to start smoking again, but I having another problem in regards to Deep Fryers.  I have tested several and they say they go to 375 degrees, but in checking they all only go to 325.  Would love some input on deep fryers that go beyond 375.  Am not opposed to getting one for outdoor use but have to be small enough for the camper and house use.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry to hear about the return of the dreaded C and upcoming treatments. I've seen turkey deep fryers at Costco that could be used for many things. If not one near you, perhaps they can ship you one. Looked quite hefty
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    X2 on the turkey fryer idea . That is probably your best bet. Also wish you good luck on your treatments and a speedy recovery. :grilling_smilie:
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    The very best to you !!!!!
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    Hope your health issues improve. I believe most small home deep fryers max out at 375 for safety reasons. I can't really think of a reason you'd want to go much higher but like others have said, a turkey fryer AND A GOOD THERMOMETER would probably be your best bet. Keep in mind, beyond 400 most oils used in home cooking will have passed their smoke point and are in danger of igniting.

    Edit-- Just re-read your post, didn't see the bit about maxing at 325˚ at first. That is a little low. I still stand by my recommendation of a turkey fryer or outdoor burner with some sort of cooking vessel on it. A cast iron dutch oven would give you great heat holding ability, but not sure of that's big enough for your needs.
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    Cajun Fryer
  7. Thanks everyone. Will go with my turkey fryer with a smaller pan.
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    We're offering our prayers that your treatment goes well.  God Bless!


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