Newbie little confused

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Never trust the “Steam Guage” thermometer that comes with the MES smoker. Mine were totally unreliable. The only reliable gauge thermometer I’ve used is $$ and made by Tru-Tel. That said, you can completely trust your Ink Bird. Forget the MES thermometer exists. It’s just decoration.

I agree with @pineywoods in that opening and closing your door every hour dumped your heat and made your “stall” unbearably long. I also agree that you do not need to use a mop/baste on a pork butt, especially just starting out. It already has a ton of fat in it and you will probably not dry it out. If you’re worried about that, try an injection.

But my biggest piece of advice to you is I would recommend you check out Bear’s “Step-by-Step” index. He uses an MES and he has 3 great pork butt tutorials at three different temps, with pictures. We all start out using Bear’s index and we all get great results. You can find the page here:

Like @pineywoods says, never be afraid to ask and or admit failures here. No one will laugh. It’s how we all learn. We’re rooting for you and hope you keep at it.
Sven it was a digital probe on my MES im sure it doesn't matter. Hearing lots of peole say there not accurate either. Thanks is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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