Newbie has an air and vent question

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loren anderson

Original poster
Feb 16, 2017
Hi. Loren from Minnesota,what a great forum!!  I'm starting a build from a 2 door commercial and have been reading posts but to tell the truth, it overloads this old brain of mine!  Some things I understand but some questions also.

I believe I understand....

The interior is aluminum so it should be ok but the plastic door panels and seals will be replaced. The insulation is fiberglass so I think that's ok. The racks will need to be replaced so they don't poison me.

The questions I have...

1. I will use propane for heat as a hot smoker, Should I cut a hole in the bottom on the left side where the compressor was and mount the burner in there or simply set the burner on the bottom inside (right or left) and not bother cutting a hole?

2. Where and how big an air intake?

3. How big a vent- on the top or rear of smoker? Think a blower will be needed?

4. I read about dividing it in half, use one side for hot, one side for cold smoke. There is not a divider in it at this time. Thoughts?

Thanks for the help.
Hello Loren, I can't help you on much, I do think a small fan or blower is a good idea for even smoke / heat, I am playing with that concept right now.

The vent I would recommend on the back or side not the top, A lot of people do the top, It is one of the questions I ask, " If you were building this again what would you do different if any?" The vent comes up and a drain for cleaning the bottom / floor. 

Dividing it is up to you, Where will your smoke generator be when you are cold smoking? I would use it as one complete unit, But that is me, You need to know what you will be using it for and most smokes.( I do lots of sausage so the more room the better) 

The bottom inside right on the floor of it or on a rest of some type to keep it off the floor, would be where I would put the burner, But again I would do the fan idea for more even circ. ( That's just me)

Air intakes , I would put a couple in probably on each door, If you are using propane you need to feed the fire. Also a thermocouple with some type of shut off if the flame goes out. I have been looking into this and found some great ideas here, I had a smoker blow a large fireball at me once opening the door to it and feeding it air. Singed my hair mustache and eyebrows pretty bad. It was a very lucky and valuable learning curve I do not want to try again.  

  Good luck and let us know how this is going.... Charlie
Thanks Charlie. The vent on the backside is helpful and the drain is a great idea. What are you going to use for a fan?   Getting my door panels made and will move forward.

Been a firefighter for 36 years so i definitely understand the fire danger!   Thanks
I am looking at getting a fan from or for a convection oven, It is made for the heat so I'm leaning that way. I will probably talk to the people at Auber and look at getting everything rigged up through them for controls ( electronic part ) . Good luck and keep posting progress. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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