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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by chesapeakesmoke, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Hi All,

    I put together my new toy (Rec Tec) last night and so far I am happy with my purchase. I was looking to buy a similar more expensive unit but the company (I wont name them in post) never returned my email or phone call 3 weeks. I heard good things about Rec Tec customer service so I gave them a try and was happy with the service provided (Thanks Jamie Williams) I think when I weigh in quality, price, options and service I may have made the better choice (yet to be determined).

    So I will do the burn in tonight in the cold polar vortex over Maryland and then thinking I will season it by cooking some bacon. My question is should I put some cooking oil on the inside of smoker to help first season it? Any suggestions? I will ask Rec Tec as well but looking for your opinions on seasoning a pellet smoker.


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  2. chesapeakesmoke

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    After burn in, Rec Tec was ok with some Pam on the inside of the smoker when I season it by smoking some bacon. Apparently there may be some ash floating around on the first cook and this will help to keep it down until it is seasoned.

    I am still open to any suggestions ideas anyone may have on seasoning pellet smokers.


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    Hey J.T.

    Congrats on that new Rec Tec, and welcome to the RT family!  Jamie and the other guys at Rec Tec won't steer you wrong...those are great guys over there that work hard at customer service.  Any time I've ever called, I got prompt, friendly help.

    I don't remember for sure, but I think when I seasoned mine I did it just like you mentioned above:  About an hour and a half burn in (nice and hot) followed by cooking a pound of bacon @ around 250* until the bacon was nice and crisp.  This worked well for me.

    Looking forward to seeing your rig in action...once you get it squared away, lets see some qview!!  [​IMG]

  4. chesapeakesmoke

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    Thanks Red,

    I did my burn in and realized something was way off. After checking with boiling water it turned out to be my Maverick ET-732. I am disappointed as I have only used it 4 times and it is way way off 50F. Hopefully they will replace the BBQ probe under warranty. Throwing the bacon on at 250F now to season it and glad I can trust the Rec Tec temperature probe (I was worried at first that it was the problem)
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    Sounds like you're in business, J.T.  I found that the temp reading from the chamber probe in my RT was very close (within 5* of my Mav probe reading).  Hopefully the bacon seasoning went good.  Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Mav...those are good products, but occasionally a probe does go bad.  I'm sure they will replace it for you.

    So what's on the menu for your maiden smoke?  Good luck and be sure to post some qview!  

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