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  1. So I am building a new wood smoker/grill. It is going to be a propane/charcoal combo unit.  Fully insulated.  Inside cooking chamber when complete will be 29" wide and 24" deep with 48" front and 40" back height.  I am lining this with some 3/16" thick ceramic tile i have kickin around.  Bottom rack is salvaged BBQ grill and the rest will be expanded metal.  I am using angle iron from an old bed to support racks.  I am going to side it with barn wood siding from a 150 year old building on the parents farm.  (it's falling down so I am not destroying it)  In total it is 7' tall but I am going to cut the propane bottle chamber done about a foot making it 6'. This project is made with 100% salvaged materials (and leftover tile adhesive from bathroom reno) costing me nothing but time.  My question for you all is what should I use to season and first cook in this?  I will add more pics as I progress.

  2. Nice smoker. You didn't say what temps you expect out of it. I always say go with chicken leg quarters for the first smoke as they are cheap and will take wide temp swings. You may have to finish them up on a grill or in the oven to get high enough temps to crispy up the skin. Pulled pork is second on the list.

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  3. I am hoping for a temp range of 100-500F.  Enough to crisp chicken skin
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  4. Wow! that would be nice. I'm not sure how the tile will hold up to that high of a temp.I guess if it doesn't their is always fire brick.

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    Ditch the wood and use steel......
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    yea.. not liking the wood at that high of temps.... should be a great functioning smoker...
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    What is going to prevent the tile from heating to the point of scorching or burning the wooden panels?....especially over time?
  8. After some research I realize 500F is not a wise goal as the auto-ignition temp for most woods is approx 572F.  But seeing as this is going to be used mostly as a smoker running low temps I am not to worried about scorching the wooden frame.  The flame will be no closer to the tile then 4".  I hope to be able to bring the heat up long enough to crisp chicken skin.  My first wood smoker is still in use today, and it has no tile inside.

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