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Code Thankx21 will get you a 20% discount. If looking for an inexpensive slicer or vacuum sealer, as primary or backup gear, now is a good time. Prices are before discount. The VS-12 Sealer rated very well on Americas Test Kitchen (find it on youtube). As for the slicers, the FS-250 seems like a good deal. So if someone is just starting out or needs a backup, these might be the ticket. The offer expires Monday 11:59PM central standard time.
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Does anyone have experience with the Nesco Slicers? It seems pretty affordable. Mostly looking to slice bacon and beef jerky. Any comments would be appreciated.
I have the FS-250 . It's a great slicer . Slicing bacon , you'll have to cut the length down , but that's with any of them at this price level . Very easy to clean , plenty of power .
I got mine at Cabelas . Just a random pic , but you can see the blade attachment , and on the lower right is a spring loaded " keeper " that holds the carriage slide in place . Blade is just a twist to unlock . Cleans right up .
The FS-250 has the metal carriage and finger guard .
I ordered the one on Amazon found a thread on here where a few other members said good things about it.

Any advice for operating it?
Any advice for operating it?
Keep your fingers away from the blade .
When slicing , it's common to have to flip the meat over after 5 or 6 slices . Leaves a tag end on the bottom . They all do that for the most part .
The blade is scary sharp . Be careful cleaning . Hand wash and dry . Put it back together . Don't leave the blade to dry in a dish rack . Just to easy for someone else in the household to get a bad cut .
I actually cured some bacon for the first time , and tried slicing with a knife . Put everything away , went to Cabelas and bought it . I use it way more than I ever thought I would .
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I use my slicer a lot also, maple-honey and Canadian bacon I smoke, lomo and capicola in UMAi dry bags. Rich gave you great advise about leaving the blade out in the open, just don't do it! When handling the blade for cleaning you really want to be wearing some kevlar gloves, bare hands will have you headed to the ER in record time, those blades are super sharp! RAY
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Yup . Ray will second this one also . If you're cleaning the blade and happen to drop it , just let it fall , and wear some shoes . Lol .
Ray good point on wearing some gloves .
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Thanks for the advise. Did not think of shoes When handling.

Did you guys partially freeze the meat before slicing? If so how long. Like I said mostly jerky and bacon (which is during as we speak)!
I do par freeze bacon for a couple hours . I would do the same for jerky .
Thanks for the advise. Did not think of shoes When handling.

Did you guys partially freeze the meat before slicing? If so how long. Like I said mostly jerky and bacon (which is curing as we speak)!

I never did Jerky, but I put Bacon & Dried Beef in the Freezer for 2 to 3 hours before slicing.

Haven't had the chance to use it yet. However I am making smoking some bacon over the weekend.
Got a chance to use it this weekend on some bacon. It worked pretty cook. Boy 10lb of pork belly bacon makes a mess of the kitchen HAHA!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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