Need quick help on preparation of Butts

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Smoke Blower
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Jun 5, 2007
East Galesburg, IL
I just found out that I am going to be responsible for cooking the meat for a family reunion. Probably be around 120-140 people. I have a big smoker so thats not the problem, the eating time will be at noon. I was thinking about doing some pulled pork and maybe some chicken. For the pulled pork it generally takes me about 12 hours a piece ( roughly of course). Should I prepare the day before and store somehow or should I bit the bullet and pull an all nighter. If I prepare the day before what would be the best process for getting ready for the next day. On the day of I will probably be cooking the ckickens, they only take me about 3-4 hours.
IMHO, i would at least the day before, your avg. butt takes 12 hrs but your lookin at 6 to 8 butts at one time, takes your cook time up a little

If you have the room, reheat the butts in pans and pull before serving. good luck and lets see some pics of this huge smoke!
I don't know what size smoker you have but unless it's a large one, I'd agree with Steve that your cooking time will increase. Don't forget to leave some room on the racks for the smoke to circulate.
I'd do the pulled pork way ahead and maybe freeze it.

Do the chickens that day. They don't need low and slow so crank it up to around 300 to 350. Good luck!
I like the idea of leaving the butts intact and then reheating and pulling the day of. If I do this at what temps do I need to cook to for the first time before I take off to rest and at what temp do I reheat to to pull it. Do I let them rest and stay in their own juices over night or should it be drained off. Sorry about so many questions but seeings its family and all would hate to disappoint.
I always cook them fully and vacuum seal them with all the juice and they taste great! Heat them up a bit before you pull and it'll go easier.
Schultzy, when you reheat the meat take the internal temps above 140*, I normal reheat to 145-150* but then that's just me. You surely don't want your guests to get sick. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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