need help with beef ribs temp

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Jun 14, 2007
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I'm doing beef ribs for the first time today... gonna try the 3-2-1- method. Do you generally pull the ribs at 160 degrees, or have them go to 172 degrees like pork???
I don't read internal temps on beef or pork ribs. Are you doing a rack or individual ribs? I know that medium rare is around 140*, medium 160*. Basically I watch for colorizing of the meat and the meat pulling back from the rib ends.

Of course using 3-2-1 takes the internal temps out of the question anyway. I have had some beef bone ribs done in 3 1/2 hours.
I also dont check the internal temp of ribs. If you're doing the 3-2-1 method at 225-250 then you shouldn't have to worry about checking the temp.
i'm doing 4 racks and thought i would put the thermometer in for the last one hour...
If you are using an internal probe type thermometer watch out hitting the bone any. Thus the reason for not really using a thermometer, it just too easy to do.
Rumor is that it can ruin the probe but I don't see why? Makes sence that the metal on the grates could be a problem but bones? I use dial thermometers there easier to deal with. Although I have 3 digitals for some reason. It will definately mess up your reading though. Good luck and enjoy!
Since the bone can be warmer than the meat, it can give you a wrong temp. There is just so little to work with on ribs. Trust your 3-2-1, then if you want something different for some reason, just adjust your 2 or 1 setting to get your desired results.
Thanks for all your help guys, boy beef ribs sure shrink alot more than pork...

not a whole lot of places left to place a probe, but they sure are tender and juicy!




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