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Jun 25, 2007
Greater Twin Cities Area
I just fired up my new Smoke Vault for the first time this morning, I wanted to get it seasoned and then get cooking.

My goal was to learn how to regulate the heat during the seasoning session, become proficiant and go. I have my meat out and ready, I soaked the wood chunks for about 45 minutes, I have the temp at 230° - steady...

My problem; where the hell is the smoke? I put the wood chunks in the cast-iron holder, I heard them sizzle a bit and now nothing, not even a wisp of smoke. The chunks are now dry and toasty warm but they are not even close to making smoke... What do I do? I don't want to have smokeless BBQ. Please help.
Remember, the chips have to give up their moisture to smoke. And it takes awhile to get the cast iron smoke box up to temp. We cook low and slow and the slow appplies to getting things up to operating temps as well.
I've had it take quite a while to get my wood to smoke on occasion. If it doesn't cause you any problem, kick your temppto 250 for a bit. It might get you smoking a bit quicker.
wet wood just makes it take longer to smoke, maybe try adding a few dry chunks. can you smell wood out of the chimney ? you might be getting smoke & just not seeing it. remember,we're going for thin blue here-not billowing.
Turning the heat up a bit started the smoke, I'm now back to 230°, meat is in (roasts only for now, ribs will go in a bit later), I can't see much smoke now but I can smell it so I guess that's a good sign.

Check back this afternoon and I will post pics of the food that you helped create by your fine tutolage.
Try using dry wood. I never soak mine, works fine, makes smoke right away. Also, buy a loaf pan (bare, not coated with any kind of non-stick), punch a few holes in it for air flow. It will hold more wood. Does not need a cover of any kind.
Smoke on!
I have a Camp Chef also. My first time I didn't see any smoke for a while but I could smell it. if it's thin and blue like it should be it will be difficult to see. As the box gets seasoned you will see it sooner and a little more prominent. I wouldn;t worry it sounds like you are doing everything correct.

The results will tell you if you were successful. Good luck.
That was the problem on my first smoke!!! I was ticked I saw no smoke for the first Hour. Then I opend it up and the smell almost made me tantric.....
. The thin blue smoke is hard to see but great to smell....
alot of people dont know that wet wood in a metal smoke pot will take longer to start smoke then if it had dry wood in it, soaked wood is best for open hot coals like charcoal grills (less flame ups) less used in side burners and such using split wood but soaked wood isnt used that much,

if you want to soak your wood before smoking id sujest soaking in your fav booze such as J,D, it might not smoke but the smell still fills the smoker and gets into the meat. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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