Need help identifying hickory tree

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Jan 25, 2024
Hi everyone just got into smoking and This log was given to me months ago ,but never asked the person what type of hickory it is, This was very tasty with pork butt ,Any info is appreciated, thanks ....

(Edit) , i live in west Georgia . was giving to me by a neighbor


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Somebody who knows trees better than me will be by with your answer but the type of Hickory is not really as important as the type of Oak is. From a cooking wood standpoint Oak is more variable than Hickory.
I've never seen anyone question what kind of pecan their wood is and there are several kinds of pecan and all are related to Hickory.
Be happy and content you have some good Hickory to cook with and place your quest to categorize the variety of Hickory way down the list.

My best guess as to the type of Hickory you have is Pignut.

Welcome to the forum and have fun learning, cooking, and eating the results.
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Slick bark hickory/pignut, good wood but love shag bark more, I use the bark when grilling, gives slow cooked flavor to grilled foods.
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