Need Boston Butt Injection

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  1. headwound

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    opinions are like...

    seriously i feel that the rub is sufficient in prepping the pork.  however, your mileage may vary...

  2. moses

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    I have always injected my butts with my homemade BBQ sauce. It's a very thin sauce with tons of flavor. Every time I have a BBQ I end up giving away most of my extra sauce because everyone loves it.
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  3. Well, thanks for...... Braggin'? How about sharin'!! :)
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  4. mneeley490

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    I like to inject to add different flavors.  Usually inject with a combination of bbq sauce, apple sauce, and rub.

    Variations are:

    bbq sauce, rub, and grape jelly

    pineapple juice, grenadine, and tequila

    apple juice and apple cider vinegar
  5. pilotpeter

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    Bear, I'm a little curious as to why you are so strict on the 4 hour rule? If one were to inject or put a probe which is clean of germs (sanitized) what's the issue if it takes 4;30 or 5 hours to break 135 or an it of 140. There are tons of websites out there and u seem to be one of the few who is strict on that rule? Maybe I'm confused but isn't this meat already cut (not a primal cut) when we purchase it? Who has ever gotten. Sick from injecting? Forgive spelling mistakes this is being typed on an ipad,
  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Maybe I'm strict, because I've had it driven into my head in the 4 years I've been on this & other meat smoking forums.

    If you inject or insert a probe which is sterilized, there are still Nasties on the outside of raw meat, and you could be pushing them into the meat.

    Yes the meat has been cut before we buy it, and you can cut it in half or in quarters, or whatever, all you are doing is creating more "outsides", but it should not have been punctured before you bought it, and you shouldn't do it either, unless you have been cooking it for 2 or 3 hours (to kill the Nasties on the surface), and you have sterilized your probe, unless you get it from 40* to 140* in no longer than 4 hours.

    I never can understand what the problem is. A big hunk of meat will not get done in less than 3 hours, so what is wrong with probing it at 3 hours? And if you must inject, what is wrong with getting it from 40* to 140* in 4 hours, just like you have to do with ground meat?

    Hope this answers your questions.

  7. pilotpeter

    pilotpeter Newbie

    I'm a novice certainly to this hobby/way of life, how long would you guess it takes the 'typical' or average sized butt to read 140. I smoke at 225 or 230.
  8. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    About 4 to 5 1/2 hours.

    Below is a piece taken from my "Pulled Pork Butt" Step by Step.

    It should answer any of your questions.

    If you want to see the rest, click on "Pulled Pork Butt" in my Signature below.



    Day #1 (Prepping)
    Take one 7 pound Boston Butt, and rinse, pat dry, score the fat cap, apply yellow mustard, and cover with a good rub.
    Then cover with plastic wrap, and put in fridge. I like to put it in overnight so the meat can absorb the flavor of the rub.

    Day #2 (Smoking Day)
    6:30AM------------Preheat Smoker to 220˚.
    6:45AM------------Put more rub on Butt (optional), and place it on 2nd shelf grill, and foil pan on 3rd shelf grill.
    7:00AM------------Fill my AMNPS with Hickory pellets, and light one end.
    11:00AM-----------Insert Sterile Meat probe in center of Butt---Internal Temp measures---124˚. Bump heat up to 240˚.
    Note: This is why I never probe uncured whole meat until it's been in the smoker for a few hours, unless I'm positive it will get to 135˚ in time. This one's been in over 4 hours at 220˚ smoker temp, and still in the Danger Zone (under 135˚).

    12:00Noon--------137˚ Internal Temp. Meat has been in smoker for 5 hours and 15 minutes, and just got out of Danger zone (41˚ to 135˚ in 4 hours).
    Since I did not break the seal by probing the Butt, or injecting the Butt, it was OK to go longer than 4 hours in the Danger Zone.

    If I know for sure how long it will take to get my meat from 41˚ to 135˚, by using the temperature I'm setting it for, it would be safe to probe or inject the meat.
    However, I usually play around with trying different temps. This time I started it at only 220˚, to try to get more smoke time, but since I didn't probe or inject, it didn't hurt anything to be in the Danger Zone for more than 4 hours.

    12:00Noon--------Bump heat up to 240˚.
    3:00PM------------165˚ Internal Temp. Put Butt in foil pan, add 6 ounces of Apple Juice, and cover & seal with Double Foil.
    3:00PM------------Also bump heat up to 260˚, and remove AMNPS (1/2 row was left unburned---Separate & save unburned pellets).
    5:30PM------------Internal Temp is 203˚------Cut heat back to 100˚, instead of putting in cooler.
    6:00PM------------Pull at 208˚ Internal Temp. (Coasted 5˚)
    6:00PM------------Uncover just long enough to bust off a big enough hunk to pull for our Supper, and cover back up again.

    Eat Supper while the rest of the Butt sits covered in foil.
    Pull the rest of the Butt after Supper.

    Soooooooo Tender & Tasty !!!!
    "Pulled Pork Butt" Step by Step. You can see the whole thing by clicking on "Pulled Pork Butt" in my Signature below.
  9. bruce jackson

    bruce jackson Newbie

    Since my post a while back, I have cooked a lot of pork butts and ribs on the weekends.  I too have done 2 butts for parties and injected one and not the other, same results as above, the vote was unanimous in favor of butt that was injected, same rub, same time on the smoker, same internal temp, I went with injection of 4 to 1 apple juice to which distilled vinegar, sugar and salt to taste and a good dash of Worcestershire  I found on the internet, it turned out awesome. I used the rub from amazingribs website, memphis dust, and some John Henry's sugar maple rub, beautiful flavor combination.

    I saw a Diners Drive ins and Dives show the other day about Martin's BBQ in Nashville, TN. That guy had a great rub, showed him making it, but no measurements and couldn't find it on line. Would love to try that, had cinnamon in it as well as the usual, brown sugar, garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, cumin, I think Lemon pepper and something else I have it on DVR will go back and see if i can recreate that and play with mix and get something out of it, if so will post it after a good taste test. If anyone found that recipe, please post and save me the R & D time LOL...
  10. millerk0486

    millerk0486 Meat Mopper

    If you wanna use a simple injection and incorporate your rub, just mix up some apple cider and some of your rub together. Let it sit for a couple of hours to get all the flavors working, then strain the rub particles from the mix and inject. OR just inject the cider. If you are going to inject, its best you inject the day of or right before you throw it on the smoker. If you put it in the fridge over night, the muscle fibers constrict and cause more of the injection to come out of the meat.
  11. nato316ca

    nato316ca Newbie

    I have a question, but I think I know the answer. I hate to say this, but it is cold in Canada, and I am only researching plans on a smoker right now.  I am doing a roast in the oven Friday. (I plan on smoking my bacons and hams from my home grown hogs) I have never injected before, so this is the question, When do I inject the meat? I work with a guy who has never injected and we were discussing it. He figures I should inject 24hrs in advance. I first thought a few hours before, but after reading about the dangers of injecting when using a smoker, I am assuming I should inject directly before. I understand I won't have a problem getting through that danger zone, I just want to do it the best way possible.

    Also, I was going to use the Chris Lilly recipe's, and since I am not smoking it, I was wondering if I should add some liquid smoke to it? I am sure you're all cringing right now. I feel that I am about to commit to two serious no-no's.

    I know this forum is for smoking meat, but you guys and gals seem to know a lot about making a delicious meal, so I figured you  folks would be the best to ask.

    I do appreciate any and all feedback.


    - Nato
  12. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I never inject, but those who do, inject between a few hours before up to the day before, with below 40* liquid, and put it in the fridge until smoking time, or they inject just before smoking. Either way you do it, you will have to get the internal temp from 40* to 140* in no longer than 4 hours, because you broke the seal by injecting, just like you would if you stuck it with a temp probe before starting or in the first hour or two.

  13. millerk0486

    millerk0486 Meat Mopper

    You can inject the night before or immediately before cooking. My experience is that the juices always find their way out of the meat after it sits in the fridge overnight. I have done it both ways and prefer to inject immediately before. As long as you use sterile equipment for the injection, you should be OK.

    As far as the liquid smoke goes... It is never as good as the real thing and a little bit can go a long way. I use it in some of my sauces, but that is about it.
  14. nato316ca

    nato316ca Newbie

    LOL Bear. I know you don't inject. I am new, but I have read some of your posts. However, I appreciate you answering my question regardless of how you feel about injecting.

    Miller, thanks to you as well for responding to my question. I have only used liquid smoke in jerky and pepperoni, so I wasn't sure if I should try it or not.

    I made Chris Lilly's rub last night and put it on the roast, and does it ever smell awesome. I wasn't sure how long in advance to inject, so I decided to take the day off so I could do it myself instead of my wife. I got the injector at Christmas and am kind of excited about using it. Normally we don't even eat roasts, but I figure this will spruce it up a lot.

    I will post later and tell you guys how it tastes.

  15. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    LOL---Yeah I know---I try to be clear that I never say there's anything wrong with injecting, but just be careful to get through the danger zone in time. if you inject or temp probe early.

    I don't inject, because I like to play around with temps, and sometimes I take a longer time at lower temps.

  16. mtm29575

    mtm29575 Smoke Blower

    I'm a true newbie to smoking, so you can take my opinion for what it's worth. But when I did my butts at Christmas, I used the Chris Lilly rub, and his injection recipes. I injected just before putting in the smoker. I smoked it a little hotter than I wanted to, in order to satisfy my time constraints, at about 250-260. But it came out great, and my guests said that it was one of the best they had eaten...and I don't think they were just being nice, as my wife said the same, and she has no problems telling me when I'm, my point is, the Chris Lilly methods worked fantastic for me.
  17. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Sounds Great, mtm!!!

    Everybody loved it---That's what matters!!

  19. +one I do the same thingThumbs Up
  20. brooksy

    brooksy Master of the Pit

    No need for injecting or spritzing! Rub it down throw it in the smoker and let it go till its done!!

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