My first Ribs

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Original poster
Aug 7, 2006
New Bedford ma
Hello all. Hope you can help me here. I'm gonna give you a blow by blow desription of what I did and maybe you can tell me where I goofed.
I had alot of irons in the fire but some are for other parts of this forum.
Fired up my GOSM(wallyworld special) with a full pan of water
a full (bakers secret) pan of mesquite chunks (unsoaked).
To make a long story short , it ran for almost an hour while nothing was in it.(alot of wasted smoke)
So i decided on the 3-2-1 method.
I prepared the country style ribs as follows:
I painted both sides with guldens spicy brown mustard
I rolled them in Dukees K.C. style steak seasoning
put them in the smoker for 1 1/2hrs
flipped them and sprayed with mixture of 6/1 applejuice and Captain morgans darkrum.
at this time I pulled the wood pan and put in a new fresh one with Hickory chunks and added water to the water pan. (to make up for all that wasted smoke)
at three hrs- I pulled them and wrapped in foil with applejuice)
at 5hours I unwrapped them and basted with bullseye bbq sauce.
at 5 1/2 hrs i flipped them and basted again.
at 6hours I pulled them to sit for 30 minutes
at 6 1/2 hours i served them.

And here were the reactions:
2"killer",1"awsome",1"theyre real good but I need soda to cool my throat" and 1 "can't do this toooooooo spicy"
my own reaction was melt in my mouth but the burnin won't stop

what did I do wrong???? roli
Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m thinkinâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji] Too much steak seasoning? Is that seasoning real spicy? How thick did you apply? The other things , i.e. apple juice, liquor, que sauce shouldnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t have heated them up. Was there tons of smoke? Hold on , there will be others to voice their opinions, weâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll get this hyar problem straightened out! Thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s my 2¢.
roli, Doc. Dutch wants to know more about the burning sensation; was it a "spicy" type burning or was it more of a "mouth/tongue numbing" burn.

Diagnosis A: If it was a spicy burning sensation, I would suspect that your spicy mustard and/or the spices in the steak seasoning to be the culprit. Meat really doesn't need mustard for the rub to stick. Sprinkle on your rub, wait about 10-15 minutes turn over and sprinkle rub on the other side. The natural juices in the meat will soak the rub and cause it to stick.

Diagnosis B: If it was a mouth/tongue numbing burning sensation then the culprit is creosote. Creosote is cause by incomplete burning of the wood or poor ventilation of the smoke. Your top vent should be opened to allow the smoke to escape from the smoker. If the smoke flow is restricted or closed off, the smoke will become stale and leave creosote deposits on your food.

I hope this gives you a couple of things to look at to solve this problem.
I think it might be diagnosis b the top vent (only vent) was open open at the minimum setting. (cant close all the way because of the tabs) My wife wants to know if that creosote suff is a cancer causing agent?....roli
Roli- On my GOSM Big Block I have 3 vents- one on top and one on each side. The top vent I leave all the way opened, the side vents are roughly 1/2 opened. Some of the smaller GOSM smokers like yours only have the top vent.

I would open the top vent up at least 1/2 way.

As for creosote causing cancer, some claim that prolonged exposure can cause some cancers.

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