My first fatty's!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
May 29, 2007
Lexington, KY
Small July 4th smoke. I took the boards advice, and decided to do 2 fatty's I've only got a couple people coming over, but if they're as good as advertised, I know we'll down'em, and be wishing I'd done a couple more.

Trying a batch of Dutch's wicked baked beans too. I thinks we're going have some fine vittles round dinner...slurp...sorry...I keep drooling!

More pix to come...

Come on over gypsy, there should be enough to go around.

Boston: I did basic fatty's for my first try. I read alot about trouble with stuffed fatty's falling apart, etc. I just want to try the darn things already...all I did was take them out of the wrapper, roll them in rib rub, and into the freezer for a few to stiffen'em up. They've held together just fine. Plus by putting them on the top rack the juices have been dripping down on the ribs.

The ribs just got splashed w/ apple juice, and wrapped in tin foil. I have been putting some applewood shavings in with hickory. I didn't know apple smelled so good. Man I think I may have a new favorite wood...well maybe a favorite fruitwood...I still love the hickory.

Sorry the update comes so late. The fattys were better than I could imagine. Thanks to everyone for continuing to rave about fattys. There will be two on the smoker every time from now on. Also, I tried some applewood, and that stuff smells great. I think it two may be a staple of future smokes.

I got about a 2 inch chunk of the fattys left that's destined for the skillet with some eggs and cheese. They were both almost gone in the hour we were waiting for the ribs to come off. Speaking of those they were perfect. Came right off the bone with just a slight bit of resistance!

Hey Dutch...tried the beans, and they were truely wicked.


Great job Packer! Glad it came together for you !



Sorry had to throw that in, been a die hard Bears fan all my live!
Definitely some good looking grub! I tried my first fattys on a couple of guests too. I'm hooked!

I read the trouble with them falling apart too. What I came up with is to use seran wrap in the process. I cut the fatty in half and roll out both halves between seran wrap. Then I put the stuffings on one half, put the other half on top of that and then roll it up like a log. Then I wrap the whole thing in seran wrap and shape it. I let it sit in the fridge until I'm ready to put it on the smoker.
- Anthony
I'm going to try throwing some stuff into one next time. I figure like you said, if i put it in the fridge or freezer for a bit before the smoker, it will help to stiffen it up a bit. The wife loved it. She can't wait to try one with some cheese, and veggies in it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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