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  1. Can someone point me in the direction of that thread cleaning up your act? Please. So heres where im at with this im not gona give up either way. I need to find a way to cool and clean the smoke with out taking up alot of space. Im not interested in drilling into my existing smoker but could find a way to pump it in. Or i can find a way to clean and cool the smoke and pump it into a 60 degree fridge. I still realy like the fridge idea. I could do many things with the better temps like cure bacon, do cheese, nuts or even bread. So im still leaning on that idea. With everyones help we will figure this out. Thanks again
  2. mr t 59874

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    The link is in post #13. Your idea will work if you are set on it it;s that there are better ways to accomplish what you want.

  3. Just got done reading the thread and im pumped and ready now. He used very little space with what he did. Go ahead and humor me on anything better. My main goal is to be able to cold smoke when ever i want winter summer spring whatever again thats y i keep going back to the fridge idea but not completely set on it. So throw them at me please
  4. Also the wife loves my smoked foods so far and is anxious to have more. And she also says no cardboard box that its an eye lookimg for more permanent setups
  5. mr t 59874

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    The ball is in your hands. You have to make a decision as to what direction to throw it in order to get the quality of product you desire.

  6. mr t 59874

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    Sad your wife can't put up with a cardboard boxes until you decide on something permanent. Nothing like having a bunch of different sized permanent boxes laying around.

  7. Ok so lets start off with what i have. The analog 30" mes. As long as its still usable after moding it or whatever. The wife will kill me if not she bought it for me for fathers day a year ago
  8. mr t 59874

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    Okay, what more more do you want other than the information bauch and setish have provided?

  9. I guess lets start with the mail box mod. I think i would like to option to remove it and store it in the shed when not cold smoking. Which with all the cheese we go through here it will be in and out alot. But besides that. Is there a way to mod the analog and make it look like the others that have the adjustable vent at the top? I will come up with somthing to put the smoker up on to get it higher up off the deck.
  10. mr t 59874

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    Now you get to meet others, make one option at a time.  If you wish to make an extended firebox using a mailbox, PM DaveOmak, he will help you, then we can work on the piping.

  11. bauchjw

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    Making sure you know mailbox mod can be used for hot and cold smoking! The only difference is turning on your MES for hot smoke! The pipe cools the smoke to near ambient for cold smoke.
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  12. Is there a way to use the existing hole in the bottom instead of drolling a 3" hole for the pipe? I pm,d dave but havnt heard back from him yet.
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    Sounds as if you are stonewalling good advice...  Per your PM, asking for help, there is not much I can add to what others have noted....The folks here have given you good, proven advice......  May I be so bold and suggest rethinking what has been suggested...  or, continue on with your original plan...
  14. I simply asked a question if it can be used like that. Other then that ive thrown my ideas out on here looking to see if it would work. Ive had some great advice ip until i just hit this wall. If thats how it is ill look else where thanks to those that have helped
  15. mr t 59874

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    What we are trying to do is to replicate the smokehouses of old. If you come up with a better plan than what has been offered, I for one would be interested in it.

     Good luck, let us know how you do.

  16. See thats where we were going with it. You asked me to message dave and i did. I just simply asked if the hole needed to be bigger for it to work thats it. But get told people wont help because they think i wont cut my smoker. Thats where we were headed if it needed. But has anyone tried it with out cutting? Simple question. Thanks for your help
  17. I'll just google the pictures and do it my self. Thanks
  18. daveomak

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    You are exactly correct...   You set parameters you or your wife are willing to live with....  folks read it....  not much help available...

    Are folks PM'ing you about this thread ???    If so, it surely doesn't help the OP or those trying to respond.....
  19. mr t 59874

    mr t 59874 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    You did mention that you didn’t want to cut a hole in your smoker and that your wife said no to cardboard boxes that would be used to determine what you could later use as a pattern to build a permanent smoker whether it be your MES or something else. 

    To answer your simple question. There isn’t much that hasn’t been tried, we are simply trying to cut through all the BS to save you time and money. Keep in mind that between Dave and I alone, we have well over 100 years of smoking under our belts but we both are willing to learn.

  20. the sandman

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    This is a mini-fridge. Why can't you just plug it in and turn it on? A couple holes for inlet/outlet shouldn't keep it from working.

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