my 1st brisket on wsm

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by smotch121, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. did my first brisket, 6.3 lbs flat cut. used Minion Method with hickory and pecan chunks. took about 6 hours to reach tenderness. temp range fluctuated from 250-300 degrees. rub was Montreal steak seasoning. came out very tender and moist,decent smoke ring.

  2. seenred

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    That looks great from hear...Nicely done!

  3. kathrynn

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    Looks great!

  4. jirodriguez

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    Looks good!

    Was wondering what your set up and process was - a WSM shouldn't swing 50° unless your are spending a lot of time with the lid off or the door open.
  5. JIRodriguez  it was a windy day, and had to adjust the vents that had the wind blowing in that direction, as well, when I started to mop after the bark was nice and  firm, and would adjust the vents to 100% open to get temp back into the range I was working with, and then adjust again. came out great for first time doing brisket, was not as hard as I expected. forgot to mention did not use water in the pan, or foil.
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    Ah... it was the wind that got you. You can either build a wind break (two pieces of plywood held together with a hinge) that can be positioned to block the wind, or do what I do... buy a welding blanket and wrap it loosley around the smoker and use a couple of spring clips (big metal clothes pins) to hold it together. The welding blanket is nice because it blocks wind, insulates it for cold weather smoking, and best of all folds up for easy storage when not needed. They are about $45, can buy them online, harbor freight, or a welding supply store.

    (note the discoloration is due to the smoke... not the heat. arrange the top so the vent isn't blocked)


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