Mr. Yoshida's jerky.

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I'd chew a pound of that! Looks mighty good

Thanks Jim!

Looks like your enjoying that new jerky maker, and the results look fabulous Steve.

Point for sure
Thanks Chris!

Nice Steve, I have been buying that marinaide in a huge bottle at Costco for years. I even had a bottle sent to @chef jimmyj and he offered some twists that could be added to it"

"Yoshida's is a basic Japanese Teriyaki. For a Chinese twist, Garlic, Ginger, Scallion, and Sesame Oil, all work. Add an 1/2 part Hoisin Sauce, a little Ketchup and a pinch of Five Spice for BBQ Ribs or CSRs.
Some Fish Sauce, Lime Juice and Sriracha would give a Thai flavor.
Gochujang Chile Paste and Sesame Oil for a Korean flavor."
Thanks Cliff! Jimmy was very resourceful man.

Nice job Steve,
Funny, that I rarely do much with beef but this last week I finished making some Yoshida based eye of round jerky, using my dehydrator as well. Yumm. Got enough to last me thru a few fishing trips as snacks.
Thanks Craig! Heck, the 5.5 pounds I did won't last long at all!

Nice job Steve! Love a good batch of jerky!

Thanks Ryan!

Nice looking batch of jerky Steve! I stopped making the stuff a few years back, too much chew for my teeth. Been using Yoshida's for years, big bottles from Sam's and Costco, great for stir-fry, try marinating a boneless ribeye steak in a Ziploc for a couple of days, works! RAY
Thanks Ray! This was the first time I used this marinade. Good stuff! I'll be getting more.

Like bachans I use yoshidas for SO MANY things lol
Great, another thing I need to look up! lol!

yes, I use it to marinate steaks all the time. I also use it with some oil to saute onions and peppers on the flat top....smells soooo good.
I'm thinking steaks with onions for the other bottle. But I think it needs to get done on the flat top.

Well, saw the pic of your dehydrator and now I want a new one...somehow you manage to do it without actually TRYING! :emoji_astonished:
Mm, hypnotic suggestion perhaps?! :)

If you guys dont know we had a member who passed @ronp who loved Mr Yoshidas. He has lots of recipes using it.

Steve looks great bud.
Thank you Brian! I'll look up Rons threads on it.
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