Mostly Pork and then some ...

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Nov 18, 2006
Hello Guys and Gals -

Todayâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s smoke was a bit different in some respects. Did my regular rub - garlic, onion, mustard, chilli, rby red paprika. tomator powder and cajun spice. I did two butts and used wet Frenchâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s mustard instead of just my normal ground mustard powder same on the pork chops we had for dinner. I will pull the butts when they cool down some.

I added Brandy to my apple juice for the spray God that smells nasty! Tasted good when it was done though - surprise!

Also did another meatloaf but just one today. Saved the rest of the hamburger for tacos tomorrow.

And of coruse ribs I do a few of those every weekend. For the heck of it a did one with frenchs mustard it was darker than the other/

I also tried a variation on the wrapped fatty. I used (are you ready for this?) store bought popin fresh dough I forgot which one crescent rolls I think? They were pre cut in triangles. Anyway I rolled out the fatty meat laid it on the dough, grated cheddar on top, then grated apples on top and rolled it up. Then I sprinkled the outside with course brown sugar and cinnamon. Real Tasty! Although the flaky dough is hard to handle without it falling apart. Kind of reminded me of the pork pies my grandma used to make.




Almost forgot dessert - a variation of Sickpuppys Cobbler.

Apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and added cinnamon t the dough.
Me too Marvin! You gotta try that Cobbler thing in the smoker it's really good - seems to be a perfect crust for any fruit.

I'm wondering about trying a pot pie or something it's really quick.

Thats' All!
man oh man, i am hungry again now. and to think, this weekend i can't smoke anything. gotta rip out the shower stall, install a bathtub, and build a surround for the shower, a wall, and all.
Nice smoke Deb!!!!What do you do with all of your food? I know you have some boys, but I wasn't sure if they were still at home. You smoke enough for an army! (oh, I forgot, Navy!) Did the cresent roll get over done? We make them in the oven all the time, the stuffing choices are endless, fav is hamburg-b-b-q, cooked however you like, lay one can of cresent roll out, pinch any openings together. Put bbq on top, cover w/cheddar, put another cresent roll on top of that, seal and bake til cresent roll is done. Filling varieties...shepherds pie, beanie weanies, ham and cheddar, pepperoni and sauce...endless, it's also good just as the little tri-angles with cream cheese and jam rolled up and baked.
Shell -

I bring it to work, my aunts, my cousins filled both my little chest freezers (mostly sausages). Jessie says I'm cut off until we eat more of it cuz we can't even give it away as fast as I can smoke it! People need to get freezers! I had to pack all the pulled pork in sandwich bags to squeeze it into the freezer! Like packing a suit case.

All the kiddies are grow and gone and don't have freezers. Jessie and I can't even finish a rack of ribs alone! LOL Guess I'm a little obsessed?

The cresent roll thing was fantastic! Tasted like pork pie with a hint of apple! We ate that first! I wasn't sure I like store bought dough but it was good nice and flaky and really cheap too!
i read a bit & got lost after the idea( always wanted to do it)a smoked meatloaf- i do my reg. meatloaf w/ 2 day in the fridge beer soaked bread crumbs and lipton onion soup mix- thought if i smoked or grilled/smoked that it'd be awesome.
Was all this done on your new (relatively) smoke vault? Food looks great. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.