Moink Balls - GF and Chicken Egg Free - w q/view

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Jun 1, 2008
As the title states these are Gluten Free and Chicken Egg free Moink Balls.

I stumbled across a meatball recipe from Rachael Ray on the interwebs and decided to make some Moinks but adapted it to be GF and Chicken Egg free since our daughters can't have either of them.

I mixed up the recipe but substituted the 1 chicken egg for 3 quail eggs. Also instead of normal bread crumbs I used Schar Bread which is gluten, chicken, and dairy free. Also its good bread considering what it doesn't have in it. I also removed the Parmesan cheese from it because of the girls.

Here is a shot of making them into balls. Yes I have cubes of mozzarella cheese in there. I did make some without the cheese for the girls.




All down and ready for seasoning. I used my rub but you can use your favorite one and it will be great.


next wrapped in bacon


Now on to the beach for some sun bathing.


Tanning nicely


At this point I dipped in a cup of BBQ sauce to coat up nicely. Here they are after the sauce set and they were done.


These were smoked at 275° for a little over a hour.

Forgot how good these are and how easy they are to do for a quick app. I took these to a BBQ at a friends place. I also did beans which you can kinda see on the side of one of the pictures.

Thanks for looking and happy smoking to all.
Moinks are one of my favorite apps Brian, and those look good.

Point for sure
Dude, nice job on the uniformity. Looks great and a nice alternative. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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