MES30 just arrived!!!!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by padronman, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. So I am sitting at the computer looking at smokers and the wife tells me basically that we don't "need" a smoker at this time what with vacation coming up and other expenses.  Well I sit there and stew a bit but basically she was right :eek:)  Just then the doorbell rings and she tell's me to stay put.  She comes back in and tells me my Fathers Day gift is on the porch and I need to bring it in because it's heavy!!! 

    I head to the porch and viola there is a new MES 30 waiting for daddy!!!  I am currently seasoning it as per the instructions but can't WAIT to put that first slab of meat into it.  Oh and don't get me started on ABT's YUMMMMMMY!!!! 

    Oh she also got me a great book called "Backyard BBQ, The art of smokeology" by Richard McPeake.  Gonna peruse that tonight over a glass of nice Scotch.  I will also be pouring over this forum to gain knowledge and tips.  Oh and of course I will post my first QuickView once I am up and running. 

    Wheeeeeeeee heading out to a local BBQ heaven called Phil's to quench my cravings for smoke!!!!

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  3. she is a damn good Wifely Unit!!!  A keeper for sure.  Came up to temp fast.  Only 2 degrees low when read from Digital to the Thermometer I placed on a rack.  :eek:)  Doing the smoking chips part of the seasoning now and dam if it didn't start generating smoke right away!  WOOT
  4. Trying a Qiew.....:eek:)[​IMG]
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    nice congrats on the new smoker.. You have a keeper
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  7. Pork butt is 1st on my list for this baby.  :eek:)

    I was seasoning the smoker so I seasoned myself with a RASS from 2003 ;o)

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