MES analong 30" smoke problems

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bbizelli, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Hi everyone I'm new here and to smoking in general. But anyways I've been reading up some tips and stuff on here after I bought my smoker this week. And I seasoned it as it said in the manual and all went well. But I was trying to smoke some chicken thighs and I couldn't get it to produce any smoke and I even drilled an extra hole in the bottom and and placed a fan by the exhaust vent to vaccum air to pull threw it and it smoked a little bit but not much. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about it? Thanks!!
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    Hello , Bibizelli.  Welcome to our site. Hope you enjoy it here and decide to stay as a part of the Family. [​IMG]

    Sorry things didn't turn out the best on your 'maiden voyage' , however , take a day and just play with your new toy.  Learn how she works , the best way to develop smoke , and get the best results from the investment .

    Also , start a 'Smoking Log' to help in your journey into 'Smoke Nirvana':

    This is a great learning tool . Enter all your cooks entering all parameters you like (there is a new downloadable version in our search )

    or you can make-up your own. Keep track of good recipes too , we have lots.

    Have fun and    . . .
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    Since you just purchased your smoker, I am going to assume that you have a  Gen II, with the cylindrical chip tube on the side. I also just purchased one and IMHO you are never going to be satisfied unless you find some auxiliary device to generate smoke. There are several folks here that like the pellet smoke generators, however I chose the one made by MB. I just used it the first time recently and it performed very well. It is an electric smoke generator and all I did was take it out of the box, put the handle on it and slid it in place next to the smoker. I put in 2 cups of chips, turned it on and it was still generating smoke after 2 hours. I am not sure how long it would generate smoke if you filled it all the way up but it would be quite a while. The other thing I think I am going to like is that since it is electric I can cut off the smoke at any time I choose simply by turning the unit off.[​IMG].
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    Hello , Bibizelli.  Welcome to our site.

    ​Follow Bearcarver recommendation and you can't go wrong.

    The AMNPS is the magic solution for smoke.

    I love it.
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    Hi bbizelli, With the analog you must use dry chips or dust and be sure the pan is very close (or touching) the element. Also look at some of the mods. for the analog model if you want smoke at lower (165-185) temps. Just type analog mods. in the search box or search my posts.

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