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  1. Just a quick question here how many of you do your ribs without foiling and adding fluid?
  2. I do them both ways in my MES. When doing them without foiling they still come out tender & moist (if that's what you are wondering)...
  3. I'm only asking as I did my first ribs on Sunday and I'm. coming from using my charcoal kamodos (broil king keg) and iv never foiled them I just see that alot in this forum. I think I need to re think how I do ribs on the mes vs the bkk
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    I prefer no foil ribs..... Bride prefers foil, fall off the bone ribs.... Sooooooooooooo, guess what .......
  5. Yes I know happy wife happy life! lol :biggrin:
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    I have done them both ways, but so many peeps around here, including the Boss like fall off the bone, so I usually try to get that with the foiling Step #2 method.   It's All Good.


    BTW: Since you're using an MES, look below in my Signature, and click on "Bear's Step by Step Index". They are all done in my MES. They might help in your future smokes.
  7. I never need to!
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    It is all in what you are going for! People do them both ways and both ways are right. If you want to foil then foil!
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    I am a fan of the no foil in almost all kinds of smokes.  I just like the texture better. Foiled meat gets a little too flobbity.  But like others have mentioned, the wife likes fall off the bone, so sometimes I keep the peace.
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    [​IMG]   I'm a fan of smoked ribs.
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  12. ok well theses are how my first ribs came out there were ok still on the tough side i did them @ 250*( for ~ 3 1/2 hrs using the MES built in thermometer) and added pecan wood chips for the first hour or so of cooking besides being a bit tough there wasn't much smoke flavor at all. I think i was paranoid and a bit nervous as i did not know what the outcome would be as im so used to my kamado. Any tips will be greatly appreciated!

  13. Do you have another therm to verify what temp your MES is running at? It sounds like they could have went a little bit longer before you pulled them - did you do a bend test or a toothpick test when you went to pull them? Is pecan what you used for ribs on your kamodo? Don't get discouraged - you'll have that MES pumping out good food in no time!  [​IMG]
  14. I do have the maverick ( don't know why i didn't use it to compare the temp with the mes) I did bend test them they "just" started to crack should have waited longer as far as wood goes i usually use apple wood or hickory  not to say iv never used pecan as i have and i know its a mild wood smoke. Honestly i don't know what i was thinking i'm not
  15. Sounds like you were just a little nervous about using your new smoker... I would use your Mav next time to verify what temp your MES is running at - mine runs hotter than I set it but some run cooler. Other than that just relax & enjoy the smoke - you seem to know what you're doing so I'd say your next smoke will turn out great for you  [​IMG]  
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    Single guy answer is that you foil her's and do your's without the foil   :)
  17. demosthenes9

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    Cook longer or at a higher temp and hit them with more smoke next time.  An hour or so of burning chips won't flavor much of anything.  [​IMG]
  18. Thanks for all the replies I have another rack ready for tomorrow to redeem myself.
  19. Good to hear man! Let us know how great they turn out this time  [​IMG]
  20. The only way to fly.

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