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Smoking Fanatic
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Jul 21, 2012
Hamilton, Ontario
I'm putting this here as both ground beef and pork in the recipe.

Mixed up the meatloaf with both ground meats, some sweet peppers and poblano as well as red onion. Eggs and breadcrumbs as binder. Used some dried peppers (ancho, paprika) and cumin to season it. Smoked it for 3 hrs at 255F using maple wood chips.

Made a potato salad with potatoes, hard boiled eggs and a some of the veggies i used in the meatloaf. My wife was hesitant on it and said it tasted good. WhooHooo! Mixed in Ranch dressing.

When meatloaf done, made a bbq sauce from a fancier recipe from Chef Tyler Florence.

All in all, a good meal!


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Heck yeah son, that’s good eats there. We usually add some beans into the equation, but even still, that is excellent meatloaf. Big like.
We love smoked meatloaf and yours looks delicious cansmoke. 👍
Looks great, smoke meatloaf is a staple here and we use all kinds of blends (venison, beef, turkey, goose, pork)!

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