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I posted this on the MEATER site. It kinda says how I feel

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Lasted 10 cooks

Lasted 10 cooks. Not months, cooks that happened to be spread out beyond its warranty. It won’t turn on… yes I changed my batteries, yes I plugged it in . This MEATER was never left outside overnight , never exposed to any weather conditions because I only used it under my fully covered patio. The coverage is an extension of my roof so it’s part of my house. Ceiling fans and a 65” TV have lasted 10 years under my patio cover but my MEATER couldn’t survive it. The MEATER is dead, no power. Plus, when it did work, only a few of the probes would connect. I placed the block on my traeger shelf which is about 30 feet from my unobstructed modem. The only thing obstructing the MEATER from my modem is a window. Not a single brick between the modem and the Meater and it would still lose connection. This is a $300 overhyped, underperforming piece of junk. Don’t buy into it until MEATER can correct the OBVIOUS issue they are having with quality control. I would never recommend this product to you unless you are my ex wife.
not for nothing but the inkbird app works great for my IBB-4-T. It also works (within bluetooth range for my INT-11P..... Bluetooth sucks for anything (including music). The IBBQ-4T is wifi and the app has saved my ass. I had a sensor go awry and turned the fan on My MB gravity. Was at store getting supplies and my high temp alarm went off. Called mama and told her to unplug and open the lid. Saved a brisket point from going charcoal. The INT-11P-B works ok but can't get out of Bluetooth range. tmps pretty much match my I BBQ4-T but I don't trust the ambient.
thats all.
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