Meat in the smoker during pre-heat

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jharpe06, Dec 4, 2015.

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    I am wondering if it is a good idea or a bad idea to just put the meat in when you fire up a propane smoker. My problem is that I have a small 30" smoker and I lose way too much heat when I open the door to put the meat in. Also I got a pretty good flare up today. ANy advice helps. Thanks guys
  2. Not sure about the meat in at pre-heat, IMHO I don't think it would be a problem. On the other hand it really shouldn't matter at start-up.

    I worry more about heat loss during mid-smoke. As far as flare ups, I have a Masterbuilt XL propane smoker and I would get them all

    the time ! I would have to keep a squirt bottle of water by the smoker and found myself opening the door more than I should to knock-um

    down. After asking the fine folks here at SMF I found out a lot of guys and gals put a cast iron skillet on top of the chip tray that comes

    with the smoker. After a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond with one of my 20% off coupies I got a C/I fry pan for 12 bucks . PROBLEM SOLVED !!

    Now I am looking for one of those expandable smoke tubes that I saw CrankyBuzzard got his hands on. Hope this helps ya out bud !!

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