Meat grinder questions

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^^^^^^^^^^I agree with Inda, I have a LEM Big Bite grinder and every time I grind meat for burger and am in a hurry and don’t par freeze the meat I get that black stuff in the center of the plate From the fat being to warm. When I make sausage or salami I always par freeze the meat and never see the black stuff. I’ve seen the black stuff with other grinders as well but always when the meat was cold but not par froze, I believe this to be a very important step to a quality grind. Plus the slightly frozen meat keeps the knife, plate and auger very cold this is important for a premium grind and particle definition.
Ok that's good info, I didn't realize i needed to have the meat as cold as possible. Thank you so much!
I didn't realize i needed to have the meat as cold as possible.
Actually, you can have the meat TOO cold... 28-32*F is the range you are shooting for, any colder than that and it will be too hard. Also, it helps to cut the fat chunks so that they will easily fit in the space of your auger head...takes a lot of pressure off your grinder.
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I currently use a Kitchen aide with the grinder attachement to grind meat for sausage. I have noticed that the more meat I grind in a session, I will start to get a black color coming on some of the meat, like grease?
Ive seen this with my hand crank grinder for years. It comes from the center nub of the screw where it goes through the plate. Just wipe it away as you go along....... I no longer see it with my all stainless steel grinder.

I lube the parts that come into contact with food with a little Crisco before I start. It works for me and I'm not eating anything I don't know what is. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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