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Feb 3, 2009
I know that the 1000 year flood here in Louisiana didn't get a lot of national attention. From this flood has sprung a new organization.

 The Cajun armed forces . The Cajun Navy started it all. Just a bunch of folks from down here on the bayou that came with there own boats to rescue their neighbors from the flood. some areas were 90% flooded w/ 4 feet and up to 12 feet. they didn't worry about who you were what your color or political affiliation is.  The Govt. wasn't prepared and was overwhelmed w/ the number of people needing rescue.

  Then came the Cajun Army. They are the boots on the ground volunteers who are gutting the houses and feeding those in need and feeding and housing volunteers from out of town. The Cajun special forces who do the things the Cajun army cant handle.

 I have told you that to tell you This.

  Now We are starting the Cajun army Carolina Corps.   After the hurricane that hit the area they are in need just like we are.

If you can volunteer some time to help w/ demolition ,If you are good with delegating ,If you are good with procurement. If you can contribute tools and or supplies?

 The Carolina corps of the Cajun army needs your help!!!

 The Cajun Army is a 501c3 but they do not except any monetary donations.

The army has an amazon wish list for tools and supplies they need.  They also need anybody that can help demo.

We in Louisiana are 7 weeks past the flood and still have a list of 249 homes that still need demo. These homes are now so full of mold that you have to wear special equipment to go in them to demo. Tyvek suits a respirator Rubber Boots and gloves are a must.

  We are trying to get ahead in the carolinas so that many homes don't get this bad.

If you can donate time and are from out of town they will help you with a place to stay and feed you. All volunteers are fed lunch daily .

You can sign up to volunteer or to receive help at Cajun army . com is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.