Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker - First Smokes with Q-View

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by pastorgadget, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. pastorgadget

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    I am a relative newbie, started smoking on a ECB this summer, with the help of this forum I have learned a lot. I wanted to upgrade and not have to maintain the fuel so much, and I am on a budget, less than $200 for the smoker.  So after reading the forums and reviews here and seeing what I can pick up at my local stores, (which I have a wide selection of) I decided on the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel 2 Door smoker.

    It is definate an upgrade to a ECB, the fire needs a little tending too but simpler compared to a ECB.  I have read some complaints on managing heat on the Master Built Propane smokers but too me it is fine considering what you get for the cost. If you want to set it and forget it cough up the cash and get a Bradley.  

    First impressions are,
    • Good construction, simple assembly with good directions. 
    • Some have posted about the need to add an oven gasket. I looked into this but decided to wait and see how my first smoke went. I am glad I waited. I have not had much problem keeping the temp @  200-225, here in Michigan are temps 30-40. I will have to wait and see how it does in the summer. 
    • Dampers seem to be more than enough. 
    I seasoned it. 

    When I seasoned it I found what has been pointed out by other posters, the flame pan does not work well with chips, chunks works better, it still runs a risk of flare up with chunks. I read on another post about using foil which I think will work well, or purchase a cast iron skillet. The thermometer on the door was about 20 degrees warmer than the digitial on the center rack. So not too far off.  I only use the exterior analog as a reference so I was fine with it. 

    For my first smoke I smoked 2 slabs of ribs and chicken

    For my first smoke it all went well.  I pulled the ribs a little early but the chicken was good. One of the benefits is if you need more heat to finish off chicken just turn up the propane, simple and easy. One of the drawbacks of this smoker is the small water pan, in comparison to the ECB. The pan is good for about 2-3 hours then needs to be filled, but the lower  door gives you easy access. Adding wood chunk is very simple open the lower door and throw in a chunk.

    Today I am smoking a turkey breast I have one digital prove in the bird and one hanging off a rack

    I have given up on RF probes. I found Taylor Digital probes for $20 at Lowes, half the price of RF.  So I am happy. We will see how my bird turns out. My first turkey :) I will try to post some pics later. 
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  2. pastorgadget

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    The smoked Turkey was good

    Smoke flavor was good, I used a marinade injected from Jamison's Smoke & Spice cookbook, Orange Juice, Chicken or Turkey Stock, and veg oil.  I also used a Beer can chicken stand, used a coke can filled with Chicken stock.  Turkey was good and moist.  8.5 smoke last 45 minutes I turned up the smoker to 300 to finish it. 
  3. so ms smoker

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      Looks like it turned out great!

  4. gwc082

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    Looks Good Man!  I just purchased this exact same smoker last week.  I'm installing an oven gasket this week around the door(s).  I'll shoot you an email and let you know how it goes!
  5. warsmokeeagle

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    Pastorgadget, what method did you use on the ribs, 2-2-1? How many wood chunks and how often did you add them? Just got this smoker last weekend, and looking forward to trying it out this weekend. What about the vents? Thanks for the help!
  6. pastorgadget

    pastorgadget Smoke Blower

    For my ribs I did not do 2-2-1 but I wish I did I think they would have turend out more tender.  Wood chucks I put 3-4 ever 2 hours, I found wrapping the chunks or chips in foil and making a pouch works well to prevent flare ups.  I have not tried using a small iron skillet as others have recommended yet..  As far as vents go I kept my closed for a good portion of the time. We were in the 30's last couple of weeks. I did open the top a little to help smoke flow but it did fine either way. The box is not air tight so it always has some draft too it.  

    That is my 2 cents :)  I hope you enjoy your smoker as much as I have enjoyed mine. 
  7. pastorgadget

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  8. Looks darn yummy to me.
  9. pastorgadget

    pastorgadget Smoke Blower

    I did a porkbutt today.  Boneless 6#er, had them on sale at my fav meat market.  I used a apple cider vinegar and coffee merinade. I put it in the smoker goin and teh butt in by 8 AM.  At 10 AM I put in the therm. Here is a pic of how it looked then.

    As you can see I had some flare up, but I am just getting use to managing the flare ups. Nor a major problem. In the morning the wind was blowing hard and temps were in the 40's and raining so I had to have the flame up but all manageable.  Raining and wind were a challenge but having a gasser it handled it well. It just takes monitoring it.  I am so happy with this smoker. 
  10. Looking good! I have the same smoker and with a couple of mods (smoke tray swapped for a cast iron skillet and water pan filled with pea gravel) it has worked well so far. My door seals up nicely so I don't think it needs a gasket. I need to put in a needle valve for lower temps and I think she'll get me where I want to go.  :)
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  11. Looks like some good eatin'

    When I had my Masterbuilt propane I used to take strips of foil and fold them over to one inch wide to cover the slits in the wood pan, it helped keep them from burning up too quick.  I highly recommend a cover as well, unless they changed the burner to something heavier, mine rusted out after a year. 

    Glad to see some other Michiganders on here...Nothing like smoking with the snow falling, it's serene and primal in some caveman sort of way.
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  12. pastorgadget

    pastorgadget Smoke Blower

    Wife was up all nite so today I smoke some ribs and chicen. Maybe post some pics later.
  13. Hi there,

    I'm considering buying this smoker (or a Cuisinart electric) and was wondering if you can cold smoke with the Masterbuilt. I hope to smoke a lot of salmon and cheese as well as meat. Anyway, looking forward to making a lot of use of this forum. It seems great.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. bigsky109

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    That looks really good.....My mouth is watering from teh pics and in anticipation to get my turkey out of my smoker. 
  15. Same smoker here.  Few quick questions.  I got my 8' skillet.   So when i smoke, i fill the water pan with water then get another pan that is bigger with more water?  I want to get bigger pan to help catch more of the drippings so if i do this, the supplied one is not needed?  I saw somewhere that filling it with apple juice helps the flavor too, is this correct?
  16. pastorgadget

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    Welcome Pelon213

    The water pan that is provided is fine to use. I line mine with foil for easie clean up but that is the only modification I do. Apple juice and or Apple Cider Vinegar both work in the water pan. They add just a hint of flavor.  If you get too but of a pan you will restrict your air flow which brings up the smoke so be careful with that.
  17. ps0303

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    Go to wally world and get one of there alum foil pans that fits perfectly in the smoker.  Add some water and when your done, clean up is simple.
  18. OK, i did my first chicken today.  The inside was very juicy & smokey flavored.  the skin was a lil rubbery. Over all it was good but not totally satisfied.  What did i do wrong for skin to be rubbery?  One other thing, as it turned to evening time, i couldn't get it over 220F.  I have it set up with 8" skillet since supplied pan sucks donkey balls.  Also put an alum pan for drippings with apple juice.  I reached 400F earlier in the day when i seasoned it.  Trying to figure this out cuz i want to cook a brisket this weekend.  I had it all the way up too. 
  19. ps0303

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  20. ikwack

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    I cold smoke in my master built. Just use the a-mazin grate and put in on the bottom of the smoker. Nothing else required.

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