Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker

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Thank you for posting this Greg. Guess what... I ended up buying an MeS30 haha! Just got it yesterday and I seasoned it. I'll be using it this Thanksgiving. I'm actually really excited and I've heard a lot of good things about it. You own one too no?
Super.  You will really like it.  Yes I do have a MES30 also.  I did the mailbox mod on it and really like how the pellets burn with it.

Getting acquainted to the portable one.  Used my Amazen with the pellets and where I put it was too close to the heating element so they all started smoking at once.  Next time I will do 1 butt and put the maze farther from the element.
Nice Greg! Let me know how you like that portable one after a couple of weeks... I may stick with the MeS30 for a little bit before getting another one lol. Wife isn't too happy about me spending so much money on smoking, only because we live at an apartment right now and its sort of inconvenient to smoke. Once we have our own place she'll be much happier with all that delicious smoked meat.

I've never heard of the mailbox mod. I may have to look into that. I'm also thinking about doing the AMNPS from what I was recommended before by several other individuals.

Do you have any pointers or tips on just the stock MeS30? I already got some great information from others but I like to get information from everyone that owns this bad boy just so I can get well acquainted with it. Like pointers or tips on cleaning, smoking, how much wood, etc. I know a full side loader of chips smokes about 45 minutes from what I observed. I know to use an IT probe because the MeS30 is not accurate with temps. Thanks Greg!
I just ordered one of these today. Where exactly is the best place to put the foil to catch the drippings? Should I put foil below the heating element when I receive it, or on top of the element?

Also, I read somewhere in this thread that the smoking lasts for approximately 45 minutes. When making ribs using the 3-2-1 method, how often should I add wood chips to the tray? Do I smoke the ribs with the wood chips for the full 6 hours, or just the 45 minutes from the initial startup?

Much thanks for your help.
I use this cake pan and foil it along with a tray inside it and the meat on top.  Haven't done ribs and I'm using pellets in a toolbox so can't help on your ribs. 

I will say I'm not sure if I trust the temp gauge on this little smoker so be aware.  My thermometer I put inside says it is much hotter than what that gauge says.  I'm going to take it out and test it in an ice water bath and boiling water bath and see what it says.  I smoked some chuck roast this weekend while camping and it took much longer than I remember my MES30 taking and I never got the CR to 185 degrees.  I actually finished it off in the oven in the camper after cubing it.  Still delicious.
I just purchased the electric portable smoker and it is fairly easy to maintain the temperature. The only thing that I have noticed, since the water pan is so small, you have to add water every hour basically. Not sure if anyone has any water pan mods (would be helpful to see). But whenever you have to add water or chips the temp drops a lot just due to the size, but I have noticed it does a good job regaining temp within 5 min or so.

I also have a mod to maintain the drippings. I ordered this, and just took the handle off the tray. It works well. The try fits perfectly in the smoker, but will not slide in and out, you have to tilt it to get it to come out. But the top pan is easy to take in and out and works well for the job.

So I bought one of these from QVC for $49.99...It arrives today. I have ordered the pans and racks listed above, I also bought a TP20 Thermometer. What mods have people done. I was looking at the Weber grommet to allow the probes through. Any suggestions/advice is appreciated. This is my first smoker. (I live alone so don't need a big one) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.