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    I built an electric UDS with a PID controller a while back, and it's great. I used to use a tray of chips, then I discovered pellet smoke generators through this site and made my own out of perforated aluminum.  It raises the temp in my drum from about 55 to abut 75F without any cooling. So now heat comes from electric that I can control within a couple degrees even in changing conditions, and the smoke comes from a pellet smoke generator that raises the temperature minimally.

    Last night I made my 3rd cold smoke product, Nova lox.

    I have a thread about the process in the fish forum.  The results exceeded my expectations.  I followed the picture guide in this thread:


    I took one side of this spring run Columbia River Chinook we caught last Saturday.

    I followed the recipe but I left out the orange zest because I didn't have an orange and black pepper for white because I didn't have white, and my wife (who is a food professional) said white pepper is really only for appearance and the taste difference is very subtle, and that you are as likely to taste more difference from batch to batch of black pepper.  

    I smoked last night and cut some this morning.  Silky smooth and strangely, didn't sweat out a drop of oil.  Color is a little light, but it's a chinook, not a sockeye or coho.


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