Looking for suggestions.... griddle plate to be used in place of grill grates

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Kevin Braker

Smoke Blower
Original poster
May 21, 2018
I have a 1st gen Weber Smokefire that heats and maintains excellent. I would like to get a griddle flattop, but don't have the space, extra money or real need for a dedicated one. What are good companies the that make griddle inserts that would be good replacements fior the gates? If this is in the wrong forum, MODS please move....thnx

I'd measure your existing grates to get an idea of the size needed to fit. Lodge makes several cast iron griddles that maybe you could put on top of the grates? Camp Chef makes several sizes for their camp stoves. Maybe one of those will fit?
Weber makes a griddle that you can set on the grates, I bought 1 for my Q100 , measure your space and there are companys that make a bunch of different sizes. Amazon will be a good starting point when you know what size you need
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