Lebanon bologna anyone?

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Mar 24, 2011
Albuquerque New Mexico USA
I've been looking for the recipe to make this for a couple years. Finally found this recipe online, decided to share! It's too dang cold here to make any, but I'm hoping others will be able to in the meantime, and will post pics and etc of their results! I can't wait to try it!!!!


Lebanon Bologna
10 Lb. Recipe

A good Lebanon Bologna is made of 100% beef chuck or lean beef trimmings (venison can be substituted). The meat is ground through a 1/2" grinder plate and mixed with 4 oz. of salt. The meat is then aged for 5-6 days at 38-40° F, allowing all the juice to run off. The meat is then ground through a 3/16" plate and mixed with the following ingredients:

• 2 Tb. salt

• 2 tsp. Insta Cure No. 2
• 8 Tb. corn syrup solids
• 3 Tb. powdered dextrose
• 1 1/3 cup Fermento
• 1 Tb. ground white pepper
• 1 Tb. ground nutmeg
• 1 Tb. paprika
• 1 tsp. onion powder

The ingredients are then mixed with the meat and stuffed into 5" by 24" protein-lined casings. Bologna is then placed into smokehouse as follows:

16 hours at 90° F, 90% humidity
28 hours at 105° F, 85% humidity
6 hours at 110° F, 85% humidity

During these 50 hours, the bologna is going to develop a tang that makes it unique in flavor. Bologna can then be heavily smoked for a day or two without eat. If you want a fully cooked product, raise the smokehouse temperature to 150° F after 50 hours. Then hold until the internal temperature reaches 137° F. Bologna is then removed from the smokehouse and allowed to cool until the internal temperature is 110° F. It is then placed into a cooler and allowed to age for about 4-5 days before using.

Source: http://www.sausagemaker.com/lebanonbologna.aspx
Sounds Great Phil !!

I never messed with Cure #2 for long times at low temp, but some guys here who do that will probably be trying that.

Thanks for posting,

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