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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 25, 2023
I have used Lawry’s Season Salt for years, but stopped using it several years ago. I found Lawry’s to be too salty compared to the other flavors it provides. I am not salt shy, but I have found that I get better results using a seasoning that is void of salt (or very low) and salt separately. I watched a video from Johnny from Goldie’s and he, like many others, used a substantial amount of Lawry’s and added salt as well. I realize larger pieces of meat can handle a lot of seasoning, but again, I have found Lawry’s to add more salt flavor than other flavors from the included spices. Is there a different kind of Lawry’s other than the seasoning salt? Am I in the minority opinion on Lawry’s not living up to the hype for my tastes?

Also, I purchased a $11 bottle of Meat Church’s “The Gospel” all purposes rubs and was disappointed. I should have saved a bit of money and bought more Lawry’s… Have I missed something with this particular Meat Church product? I realize taste is subjective, but would like your thoughts.

Thank you!
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Love me some Lawrys but have not used it on smoked fare. Would agree probably too salty for cue. I use it like it's pure salt. Very classic flavor for stuff. MIL was a pro cook 60-80's and it was her go to. You might be onto something, there are a TON of other Lawry's products now including some salt free.
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Lawry's is salt , and Like Sam that's how I use it ( if I do ) my Son loves it , and always puts to much on stuff .
I also have Country Bob's . It's good too , but again should be used as / in place of salt in my opinion .
1/4 tsp is the serving size for both of the above .

You could take Lawry's and doctor it up .
2 parts Lawry's to 1 part turbinado sugar . Use 1 TBLS as the " part " and see what you think .
Could use brown sugar , but the turbinado doesn't clump as bad .

If that tames the salt for your taste , then add a part of the flavor you like .
Garlic powder
onion powder
Or whatever it is you like , or want for that cook . Just add one at a time and taste so you know what's going on .
I have used some commercial rubs and did like the couple of Meat Church seasonings I purchased. I use Jeff's rubs most of the time. When I do purchase a commercial product I make sure to look at ingredient list. If salt is listed 1st, I pass.
Much like the others when I do use it I use it just like I'd use regular salt which in my case is not much.
As stated above, I agree... too salty and not right for BBQ.
I have pretty much moved to using my own rubs entirely. I use No Salt in my rubs, have get the salt through wet or dry brining. Plus it is fun to play around making your own blends of rub!

- Jason
Funny you posted this... when I was a kid in boy scouts Lawry's was the go to for the large piles of scrambled eggs and spam cranked out to feed us high speed eating machines with bottomless pits. I love scrambled eggs on buttered white toast, and every now and then I throw just a touch of the seasoned salt in there. Good times! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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