Just what I was lookin for!

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Jun 21, 2009
The North Coast of Ohio
So I am on vacation this week...gettin some honey-do list done... and I decided to take a break from that to go walleye fishin with a buddy at a local river.The run is starting a little early this year so there isnt alot of fish up the river yet. I came home with 1 nice male. I filleted it up an soaked it in italian dressing to throw it on the charcoal UDS grill. It was yummy. Sorry I didnt get any pics of the finished fillets but the family was hungry!


Anyways.... on to the real good news.  Since I was in town I decided to stop at the salvage yard to see if they had any tanks....

Here is what followed me home....


I think it is  a 120 gal tank. I'm not sure. It is 4 feet long from cap to cap but I havent measured the diameter yet. This is Just what I was lookin for to make my backyard Charcoal grill!  I've got so many ideas rattling around in my head right now
... but I have to wait on this till I get my gatorade smoker done first.AAAARRRRGGHH!!!
   I need to take more vacations so I can get all these ideas done!

Wish me luck!

OK, I'm ready to go fishing now!  It may be another month or so, but I'm going.
  Looking forward to your new smoker/cooker.  It should be a dandy.
Walleye and another smoker build....What can be better than that?

From humble beginnings...

I knew you were going to come down with a good case of O.S.D. when I found those barrels for ya.

But now,a big rig

Good going and keep us posted...Oh , and if you need a wood source....I got a couple good ones

Have fun on your vacation,

And by all means,
Nice Walleye you old SOB!

Nice tank too---Probably make a much better smoker than the air compressor it once was.

We had one similar at the first cabinet shop I worked at.

It had Babbet bearings, and we used to have to whack it with a hammer, when it started humming, instead of kicking on.

Sparks would shoot 8 feet, as it started. Boy was I glad when he got a new one!

No more time for fishing---gotta finish that Gatorade smoker!

Nice Walleye and Tank... Vacation was it or Tank Hunting Expedition?
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