Intake on Double Barrel Reverse Flow Smoker

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Feb 8, 2022
I built the smoker shown in the diagram and photo. First, let me say I broke it in with a 17-hour brisket cook and it exceeded expectations. My only issue was air intake. I have a 2.5" vent under the door plus the door vent. Neither was enough, so I had to keep the door cracked--but not so much as to allow smoke to escape. The flue connecting the barrels is on the opposite side of the intakes. In adding additional intakes, I was considering adding them to the opposite end of the barrel down low, but I do not know how that cross draft will behave, bad or good. I want to be able to maintain a closed door throughout the cook. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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Where are you keeping your fire in relationship to the vents and the pipe ?? (ie. towards vent.. centered.. towards pipe) ...

I don't see where a vent at the other end will hamper anything...
The wood is basically centered as I show in the image.


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