Improving Flavor of Gas Burgers?

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Sep 25, 2020
What's a good way to get more flavor into gas-grilled burgers? I've been using my Napoleon grill's infrared burner, and while it's basically fine, the flavor could be better. Today I basted a burger with butter containing garlic, thyme, and tarragon, and it seemed like an improvement.

Should I consider using a smoker box and giving burgers a couple of minutes of smoke?
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I don't use a gas grill for burgers. Takes some time to get coals rolling, but I and wife prefer the flavor.
Chicken my wife prefers the bland off the gas grill.
Heavily season both sides of the burger with a good rub. That's what I do in the winter time. It's really the only time I use my gas grill.

The two in the front are seasoned for me. The back two aren't seasoned they're for the wife.

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I’m in the camp of adding flavor to burgers with seasoning or things like diced jalapeños or grilled onions. Unless you’re slow cooking them like a reverse seared steak, they’re really not on the grill long enough to take on smoke. The Maillard reaction will add flavor. Maybe try using a cast iron griddle over the flame to get a good crust on the entire surface. That’s the reason smash burgers taste so good.
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If you are searing with high heat (and that Napoleon looks fantastic) the smoke from the searing basically smokes the burger IMO. That's the hard part usually but you got that down. Only thing you need is seasoning and for me you need MSG/Accent in there. Salt, fresh BP, msg, and a little garlic powder is my go to. I am kinda less is more for burgers nowadays. Here's a cool one to try if you haven't.
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Plenty of seasoning is key. I gently break up 80/20 in a big mixing bowl, season with SPG, gently mix, add some fried diced bacon and shredded chedder, season again then form the patties. Then it’s whatever steak/ burger seasoning you like on the outside, I like ChopHouse from the Pepper Palace, my wife likes Montreal Steak. Not overcooking is critical IMO.
Only thing you need is seasoning
Yup . That Andria's brush on steak sauce shines here . Adds quick color and flavor .
MSG bring it out too .
Grind can also help in my opinion . 100% brisket or I'll do a ribeye / strip loin mix when I have enough trim .
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Lot of great replies here.

I have a smoker box in my Amazon cart.

I don't put too much stuff inside a burger. I have done the onion soup mix thing sometimes, but generally, I mix salt and pressed garlic into the meat and leave it at that. I am no Emeril fan, but I picked it up from him, and it worked.

I wonder if anyone here remembers Ollie Burgers. The spice mix is still available online.
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My Ducane uses ceramic briquettes. Dripping fat smokes and flames just like hitting charcoal. Burgers and steaks are great. Amazon sells them as well as holders.
I get all the wood smoke flavor on my gas grill using shag bark off of a hickory, having grease smoke doesn't = wood smoke by far imo. Pork steaks 1/2"-1" thick cooked on a gas grill with hickory bark cant be beat.
I gave up my gasser years ago but some of the answer lies in what I do to indoor cast iron or baked burgers. As others said for me it’s in the seasoning. I go for seatings that have smoked salt , activated charcoal or both in them. Gives you that grilled outside taste. My go to right now has mesquite smoked salt and msg as it’s main components
I first learned to mix seasonings into ground beef before cooking when making meatballs for soups. Like WaterRat, I carried this over to my burgers and season before shaping. Mixing and shaping too aggressively will make the meat/burgers tough so a light hand will help with texture
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I wonder if anyone here remembers Ollie Burgers. The spice mix is still available online
Funny you mention LUMS Ollie Burger. I've tried 1/2 dozen different copycat recipes and none of them come close. I saw the spice mix on a site last night and wondering if it would do the trick.
The Ollie Burger was the best tasting burger I believe I've ever had. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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