I think I am done with foiling my pork butts. So sick of the mush.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rbranstner, Sep 5, 2011.

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    Just be sure your smoker can handle the longer run-time if it's charcoal fired...speaking in terms of ash build-up and fuel capacity.

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    Ross - you might want to try something I have started doing with my butts and brisket. Cook as usual with foil, but when the internal temp gets to 190° take it out of the foil and put it back on the racks. You will see the internal temp. drop to about 180°, then leave it alone and let it come up to 205° (approx. 4-5 hrs). During that run back up the bark sets nicely, but doesn't get so hard that it breaks your teath. It's kind of like 3-2-1 ribs, but with larger chunks of meat!
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    On a side note pertaining to mush.

    We were camping at Knoebels this past weekend and I asked the kids what they wanted for Dinner, and the general consensus was pulled pork sandwiches.

    Now this gets me thinking I have no way to smoke one so I figured I would just pick up a loin at Wal-Mart and throw it in the crock, Yeah I know...blasphemy.

    Anyhow I go to pick up a loin and the only loin they have is Cinnamon and apple...you gotta be kidding me.

    So i see a picnic, fairly big picnic and said what the hell, so I take the picnic home get out the crock pour everything into the crock with some spices and 2 cups of water.

    I let it cook on high for about 5 hours, had to drain off the liquid twice before going to bed, switched crock to low before bed.

    Got up the next morning and drained off some more liquid and started removing the bones, fast and skin, mostly all the fat and skin had rendered, I ended up with about a quart and a half of liquid.

    Chopped an onion and carmalized the onion, threw it in the crock and added some barbecue sauce, by dinner the meat had been cooking 24 hours and the meat was Mushy, very good but mushy.

    Of course everyone loved it, I even liked it but don't prefer the mushy meat, I like a little more texture.

    But I can understand what you mean by mushy and I can handle mushy meat but not snotty bark!
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    Rub the butt real heavy w/ a sweet rub, get the cooking temp up around 230°f put the butt on the grate and close the door. dont open it for at least 6 hrs.

     no need to probe or wrap. When the butt is done the bone will pull out of the butt easily.
  5. I dont foil, It's an unnecessary step IMHO. I dont foil anything to be honest, there is something to be said about keeping it simple 
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  7. Sorry about the double post I dont know what I did to get that
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      I have been cooking in an electric smoker lately and do not open to spritz or mop. I foil at 165 without adding juices. Still get a good bark.

  9. so ms smoker

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      I have been cooking in an electric smoker lately and do not open to spritz or mop. I foil at 165 without adding juices. Still get a good bark.

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    I have never foiled, anything. As far as a bark that is too crunchy? I must be doin something different cause mine never comes out "hard" .  When I cook a butt I rub it well let it sit in the fridge overnight put it on the smoker with a probe in it and thats it. If it was any easier it would be a crockpot meal LOL.
  11. Pretty new to smoking (well on a consistant basis) but I NEVER understood foiling.  I mean look at all the great Q smokers in the country and you never see foil.  Foiling to me means lack of planning for the desired product.  If you have a large butt (no pun intended) then plan for the long smoke and do it overnight.  I personally LOVE the crispy bark that comes from a long smoke.

    I say DITCH THE FOIL and PLAN!!!  [​IMG]
  12. tjoff

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    I have never foiled.  I have not had meat that has been foiled but have not because I thought the results are exactly as you are explaining.

    I love the meat with the bark.  I even get a little bark on my ribs without foiling.
  13. danielh

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    Only time i'll ever foil a butt or brisket is if im running out of time.  I would rather have soft bark than chewy meat.

    Other than that...  NO FOIL!
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    Welcome friends, welcome. Come on in, the water is fine!

    Glad to learn there is a growing flock of advanced barbecuers out there. Now you all understand.  [​IMG]

    "Tinfoil? We don' need no steenkin' tinfoil!"

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    Rivet,that's my boy ^^^^^^^^^ he knows .........
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    i just started smoking a couple years ago.  Of course after being on here i did my first few butts with foil.  But, i too, didnt like the softness.  I started no foiling butts and i love the results.  Though my last butt took FOREVER to get up to temp.  Dinner time was getting close and closer i foiled it (6lb butt had been in for 12 hours and wasnt up to 200 yet) i foiled it and it rocketed up to temp.  Still had nice bark.  So, i agree in a pinch i will foil but thats it for me. 
  17. flash

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     I plan. I plan on the meal not taking as long. [​IMG]

     If I can save on propane or charcoal to, that's a plus. As long as you are happy with the finished product, do what floats you boat though.
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    I wouldnt THINK of NOT foiling!!   My drip pan that is.  Q is to have that bark bellowing out to its masters to 'eat me' dont drown me. I need not be foiled if you have prepared with timing and love.. Tin foil for the drip pan my man...

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