I should be ashamed.....

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Now that almost makes me ashamed to wear the "Good ol' boy" T-shirt Ma Dutch got me for my B-day!!
i went today and got some pecan wood from a friend i haven't seen in 10 years. he told me he used to judge at a local bbq comp. and that i ought to enter it, as i would take first place. my wife, jenn, went with me to his house (~20 miles from our house), and was talking to his soon-to-be wife (they are getting married next sat). jenn told her about my smoking addiction, and his ol' lady told him. he said the last one he judged at, they set some brisket in front of him, and all he could taste was lighter fluid, aka charcoal starter fluid. i told him i never use that stuff anymore. it is not any kind of sanctioned event.
just let any neighbor "grab my meat" - ferget the smokin'- i'll show them another kind of "smokin"- double tap @ 2 driveways....when i light the pit here all the (over 100 of them) cows all run away.... lol
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