I should be ashamed.....

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My neighbor, he is a smokin and BBQin man.... Well he came over yesterday and asked if he could put some meat in my fridge that he was gonna cook today. I said 'sure' and handed him my garage door opener so he could in and out as needed.

Here he comes with 100#s of chicken, 20 racks ribs, 20 packs dogs and 2 boxes of hamburger patties.

We get it all in the garage fridge and in the freezer. So this morning he starts cookin, and I go over to see whats up. Meat is cookin and lookin good in the big aluminum pans he has. He grabs a little alum. pan and fills it with ribs and chicken and gives it to me.

I run back to the house and we start into it.....that dear sweet man that occupies this house with me, looks dead in my eye, and says:

"Yours is ALOT better than his!!" I was like "YES!" woohoo!!

Yes, I was gloating, and so proud of myself, cause I was thinking the same thing. He (my neighbor) has been doing this for 40 years, I've only been on this earth 40 years and one day. But he (the neighbor again) thinks he is the only one on the block who can BBQ or smoke.

start of the war:

I actually pulled up in my driveway once and he came outside to check out what I got at Sam's. We checked the brisket out and were talking about rubs and such and in a second he grags the brisket and is halfway to his house saying he is gonna smoke it for me, before I can even understand what is happenind with MY MEAT! I am so stunned I can even react. He wants to show a GIRL how to smoke meat. (Little did he know I have YOU guys behind me). THe next day he shows up with MY brisket all wrapped in foil, looks like with 3-4 rolls of it, and says that is how you smoke meat. I said that how I roast meat.

I take him over another brisket smoked that I did a few weeks later, and said to HIM, "NO, THATS how you smoke meat".

He took a big cut of meat, eats some and says, "yeah, it's OK" I could tell he was surprised. "what you put in the rub?" he dares ask. I just 'oh you know, a little of this a little of that, whatever is in the kitchen.' "Oh, I see" he says.......

and we part ways...

but I can tell...it is ON!

story to continue....
Make his ears ring, Sweetie, make 'em ring!

BTW, happy birthday........I'm sorry that I missed that yesterday. (I think I caught it at the other site........if not, sorry squared!)
I'm glad you stepped up to the plate and gave a good swing. Some people take too much for granted, Smokin' and BBQ'in isn't just for men. Don't you worry... we've got your back!
You go kick some arrogant busturd, good ole boy, male chauvinistic butt girl!

I absolutely-positively-without a doubt hate more than anything when some dumbbutted arrogant busturd takes something out of my hands and messes with it and assumes he can do better just because he's a man! ARGGGGGGGGGGG!
Debi, tell us how you REALLY FEEL!
Lisa honey, you just gotta feel sorry for a guy like that.
People are so....... frickin arragont!(sp) They are Gods gift, and their way is the ONLY way! Ignore him, and perhaps, pity him.
You done good sweetie, you done good!!! Terry
Good job at showing up a so called bbq vet there
did you use jeff's rub or was it your own mix?
Strike one up for the clan here smf 1 others 0
but thats an almost 1.5 there
Yeah, me too... the houses on either side of me are for sale and vacant!

Lisa, you go gurl! If it were me, I would have kicked his butt and got my brisket back! What an arse!!!
Ya, i got a expert that lives down the street, this dork is so queless, he thinks blackened ribs that have been cooked to perfection for 8-10 hrs over direct coals and sauced for the last 6hrs is world chapion cooking, he has told me many times.He told some of the other neigbors that i got a cold smoker, cuz its a offset and i only cook at 225*-250*.

I could send him your way Hawg, and you could have some fun with him.
Now get out there and smoke up some ribs, some butt for pulled pork, a few twice smoked taters and some corn on the cob and drive in the last nail on the coffin.
When his head quits spinning throw down a nice book of "Bar-B-Quing for Dummies"
Exactly what Pigcicles said but add some of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. Then go talk to your cities Chamber of Commerce and set up a citywide, all for fun (maybe a little cash prize) barbeque competition with judges and then take 1st place home with you !!! He will be coming to you for pointers !!!

My neighbors wife told me that when I smoke at night it makes her have to go downstairs to the kitchen for a sandwich, they sleep with their bedroom window open and the window is of course upstairs and about 40 feet from our deck !!!
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