I plan on building a smoker.

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  1. I've looked at some awesome smokers on this site and that's what prompted me to join. I plan on building a smoker soon and I am unsure what type to build. I'm sure everyone has their preference but I would be interested in hearing the pro's and con's of each from you guys. I have the materials available to me to make propane, or wood fired, even electric but that wouldn't be my first choice. I'll be reading up on construction etc. I hope you guys can give some advice to a newbie like me. thanks.
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    [​IMG]  to SMF!!! We're happy you joined us! There are a lot of people here who have built their own smokers so you should get a lot of help with it. Here's our "Smoker Build" forum, there's a lot to look at in there: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/f/197/smoker-builds
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    Please do us a favor and swing by Roll Call and introduce yourself to the group 
  4. Hey everybofy im excited about being here.hopefully I learn some stuff.im planning on building a smokehouse soon and ive seen a couple on here I like.
  5. bigbluerog i built my smokehouse back in oct. and love it!!! I use propane as a heat source. I call it the " Infidel Smokehouse" all pork is welcome lol. since I mainly deal with wild hogs. there are some great smokers and smokehouses on here. Since building mine I have learned about curing meats and made home made bacon, cured "wild hog" hams, Canadian ham, was already making sausages and slims jims. I use mine at least twice a month smoking . and thats with working shift work!!!
  6. Looks good skeeter....I think I've found the smoker on here that I want to build but im gonna tweek it alittle bit.I love smoking ribs and Boston butts.I want to do a brisket I've never done one before.so im wanting to build one soon.
  7. Nice smokehouse skeetr11205.I think I've found the smokehouse on here that I want to build but im gonna add a thing or two on it

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