i need some rub recipes, using natural products, please help

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Hello, Michael!

A quick question before I get on the wrong track:

By natural, do you mean organically grown, or minimally processed/refined, or both?

If it's a natural form of sodium you're wanting, for example, you could use sea salt instead of kosher salt or iodized table salt. For natural forms of flavor additives such as sweeteners, you could use a mixture of sweeter ingredients such as dehydrated or freeze-dried red bell peppers, onion and/or fruits instead of refined sugars. I've used red bells, apple, blueberry and cherries for the purpose of adding a sweeter background, but they also add much more depth in the overall flavor profile. I've also read of others using turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw) instead of brown sugar.

I personally do not regularly use refined sugars in my rubs...just me...the ingredients I use will carry themselves quite well without added sugars. Also, if minimal processing is to your liking, consider a wet rub vs dry rub, using fresh ingredients instead of dried. Wet rubs seem to hold a lot more of the flavors from herbs, fruits, etc.

Let us know a little more about what you're looking for so we can head in the right direction.

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