how much pork to cook????

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 3, 2005
Cleveland TN
Goodmorning everyone. It's been a while since I have been around - taking the winter off I guess. Hope everyone has been doing well.

I am cooking some 'que for approx 30 people. There will be seasoned potatoes and baked beans and rolls. How much pork should I cool?? I hope some of you that have cooked for groups before can help me.

Thanks in advance


i think a pound of meat per person should be plenty
hope this helps i keep forgetting that i am 6 foot and 250 on the scale for a reason i eat to much
A pound will be pleany with leftovers to spare would be my guess. I usually plan on 1/2 lb. per person taking into account side dishes and appitizers if I'm having those. In my experience people fill up on things like bread and potatoes not to mention all the munching before hand. Alot also depends on what kind of group your feeding, I once made the mistake of planning a meal on the lite side and all my freinds dates who showed up were big hulking athleats who could eat enough for three people. I had to stuff them full of bread and chips and I think they still went out for a late night snack afterward! Hope your party turns out great.
Since you are offering side dishes, you can reduce the amount of meat you serve. If you serve ribs, plan on serving a 3-4 rib section. If serving Pulled Pork sammiches 4 oz of meat per person should be plenty.
thanks for the responses - With all the sides I may go somewhere in between 1/4-1/2lb per person.

Thanks again.
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